Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad dream

Lots of us have experienced having bad dreams. It depends on how bad the dream is. Some aren't even bad once you think about it or tell others. It was just the dream experience itself that felt scary. I had a bad dream during my stay at the beach. Yes, I went to the beach this week. But ah, unfortunately nightmares still follow me despite me trying my best to have fun.

Onto the dream. Have I told you that I am on my Thesis year? If not then yes. If yes, then there you go. During my thesis defence, my classmates and I dread this one professor and didn't want him/her to be one of the panelists. He's gay which explains the "him/her" thing. Okay, this professor scares most of us. He's really true to his words. Really frank and will hurt your feelings if he has to. So what was my dream about? It was about thesis. Now, I'm already done with my thesis defence. But in this dream, that professor said that he wants us to have another thesis defence because he wasn't in the panel. He wants his own personal thesis defence with us and wants us to present everything in 3D. I was like "SHIT! I HAVEN'T EVEN COMPLETED MY ANIMATICS FROM MY THESIS DEFENCE BEFORE!" I was so terrified. Really, I didn't get to finish my animatics. The rest of my presentation was only roughs. And now he wants 3D? I don't have Maya software at home. I was so scared. When I woke up, I told myself "I might have just had the scariest dream in my life so far" It felt real.

So how was the beach? WONDERFUL! Here's a picture.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Darren Criss

So yesterday, me and my family went out to the mall and went shopping. I forgot that my friend told me that Darren Criss' concert would be on December 21st. I also didn't know that it would be at that mall where we went. So I was surprised to see his poster there. I remembered that my friend would be there so I texted her and met up with her for a little while. I saw a glimpse of Darren Criss from afar. But enough about that, let's get on with the dream.

Yes, I dreamt about Darren Criss, thanks to that event yesterday. In my dream, his concert was already done and he was going back to his hotel. My friend and I were, weirdly, fans of him in that dream. So we went somewhere backstage and ended up outside this special suite just for Darren. We waited there. We even pretended we were men and wore a suit to look like one. But we forgot our clothes near the door and Darren went out using that door. Then we pretended we didn't know he was coming. We said hi and took a picture with him. Obviously, we had a hard time with the picture. We weren't getting nice photos with him. Which is obvious since it's a dream and you'll probably not have good pictures in one. So that's my dream.

It's good to be dreaming again. :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Okay, so I haven't been dreaming too much lately. It might be because I was too busy doing my thesis stuff. I actually forgot a lot of things during those times. But right now I have my christmas break and I reckon I might start dreaming again starting tonight. Let's hope.

I did have a weird dream this week. I think that was two days ago. We were at a prestigious school. It was in another country. I dreamt about this school before but I don't know if I put it here. It might be one of those dreams that you forget and gets stored at the farthest place of your mind and will only reappear to you when the time comes. So, at this dream we were in a situation where we were choosing our clubs. My sister and I were roaming around. I don't know where she went off after I chose mine. I was walking around and checking the interesting clubs. I remember how everything looked like. I can even draw it for you. But I'll do that later. At the very middle of the whole place, there was an amusement park ride-like thing. Do you know that ride where there are many of you who rides it and it goes up and falls down? It's kinda like that, but instead of going up and down, it spins like crazy. You can ride that for free 'cause it was part of the school. So I saw some people riding and regretting the ride. So I went and checked around, and apparently, I chose the games club. It was fun there. You can play anything. Board games, arcade, interactive games, computer games. Anything! Out of no where, my friend Soya, was there. He is really good at games (in real life) he picks up well. There was a situation that takes too long to explain here so I'm just gonna get to the point and say, he suddenly went bitchy on me. In real life, this guy is this sweet, never says no(seriously), will do anything you say, really obedient kind of guy. Even his mother says that he should do something bad even just for once, 'cause he's too good. I admit I sometimes take his kindness for granted and I feel bad for that. Sometimes, I ask him to get me this and that and he does. But I don't go too far. I know my limits. In my dream, he suddenly got mad when I said "Don't worry, I know this guy. He does whatever I say" WOW. I am so mean. It was right of him to get pissed. But that was really a shock :O

Monday, December 13, 2010

Got mad

I had a quick dream. I realised I had my period, then a friend called and I totally ranted on her. I told her to call me another day 'cause if she continues to sulk and complain on me(which she really does every time she calls me) my head will literally explode on her.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haven't been posting in a while. I've been terribly busy with school work. Animation is really a drag but it's all worth it. Anyway, onto the dreams. I haven't been dreaming much to be honest. And mostly, when I DO dream, it doesn't bring me enough impact to make me remember it. There's this one dream I had which I found weird.

Me and my batchmates had this assembly, we were to talk about animation stuff. The guy I liked before, who was studying a different course, was there. Just standing. I went near the window and he did so as well. I looked at the wonderful view. He was behind me and I turned around. I closed my eyes and then, he kissed me. But do you know where? Weirdly, it was on both my eyelids. Is that normal? I don't really know, I've never been kissed before. I mean, both eyelids. Weird~ Anyway, that was the only dream that I remembered in full. The other ones were only bits and I don't really have the energy to try remembering them all.

Ooh, Christmas is coming. But do I have time to think about that? No, 'cause I'm doing my bloody thesis and my thesis defence is next week. I don't even have anything complete yet. I'm so lazy :\

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dad is mad

I dreamt about my father and he wasn't too happy in my dream. He was really mad. Even when I opened up about speaking to his brother he got furious about. I wonder why?

P.S Dad my you rest in peace.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Talented lady

I had a dream last night. I remembered it as soon as I woke up for reasons I'm going to tell you in my later sentences. Okay, in my dream, my classmates and I, together with some professors were in some sort of a gathering (but not really). It was like we were in a classroom but all we were doing were random stuff. Not actual studying. One of my friends opened youtube and saw this really talented girl. I think she was in her 20's, well she looked it. The first thing she was doing was drumming. She was really good. She played two songs. The other one was from a background music from some anime. I liked that song so I put it in my ipod. I wonder how it went inside my dream. I wasn't even listening to it. When the girl played further into the beat of that song, she said "Ooh, I like this tune" We all laughed as she really did look like she liked it. But it didn't seem that she knew the song, it was sort of a random song thing and she only made the beats up which totally made her into a real talent. The next instrument was the guitar. Apparently she was also good. I think the next thing she did was sing. I know she did other things aside from those related to music. I remember going to parts of the place I was in so I never really got to see EVERYTHING in the video. But nonetheless she was really good.

In the end my friends and I came to some realisations like "I heard the girl is from somewhere in Japan." And the funniest (but kinda cruel) thing was "She's really good. Too bad she isn't pretty."

Yeah, I know, even in my dreams I'm mean. But it was true. She seemed sort of distorted. On the face part only though. But I was amazed that she was so talented in many things. SO, the reason for remembering the song? There I gave it already. It was a song from my ipod which I really liked. It got stuck in my head. Simple as that.

oooooh, maybe this is a preadiction. Maybe some yet to be star is going to be discovered. LOL.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recent dreams

I've had dreams but I couldn't find the time to blog about them. Anyway, I don't think I can put them up here in full details because it's been days since I had those dreams.

One dream is about my sister having a boyfriend. Which is so disturbing because I think she's not the type who suddenly gets a boyfriend. We're kinda the same. We find sweet things really creepy sometimes. The whole incident on how she got a boyfriend is like this...

Boy: Hey you're my girlfriend, okay?
Sister: Me? Okay.

And that's their whole love story. Yes, I saw the guys face. I've been staring at him 'cause I wanted to see if he was good looking or not. He was okay...

I had this one day where I woke up with a pleasant feeling. I know I had a dream before this one. That was the day after I had the whole "sister-boyfriend" dream. At first, I didn't know why I felt pleasant. I just woke up like that. So i was wondering if I had any dream that might've given me those feelings. I couldn't remember a thing though. So there I was, eating my breakfast with my sister. Her telling me what her dream was and me pretending to listen. I was still trying to remember. I went back to my room and that was when I remembered. Although I remembered. I had this feeling of keeping it to myself. You know when you have such a really fun dream and you're so eager to tell someone. I didn't feel that way. Instead, I just kept it to myself. Though now I'm blogging about it.

So the dream. I remember bits. It started off with my two high school guy friends. It's been years since I last saw them. So maybe they showed up in dream form. I dont know. There, I was quite happy that we finally saw each other. Having this dream made me remember another dream about one of them. I bumped into him and I was surprised that he was near my area (he lives far away from me) then I said hi and he dissed me. The git. I was so mad. But back to my dream. Since it has been long, we hung out and stuff. Then the dream changed channels. It went to this "6 friends going out to have fun" We were all teenagers. I wasn't portraying myself but another person. She had dark short hair. Kinda cute. The characters look like they came from Japanese cartoon. They all arranged to go out and swim. Odd enough they decided to swim at a river-like pool somewhere. There was this bridge where you can jump. The others went in and took a dive. I was jealous but sort of hesitant but I still went for it. Sadly, I had an accident. Now, I don't remember ever bumping my head or something. Maybe the pressure from jumping from a high place made the "accident" happen. I dove and when I rose up, I was feeling blank. Staring blankly into thin air. I still think, but you know those hopeless thinking. At first I was pretty confused. A guy friend took me near the lower parts of the water. He called another guy which happened to be my lover. Or someone who loves me. He was crushed to see me like that. Later on, he was asking help from others, giving out fliers so that he can promote what he does (whatever that was) and earn. I just stared at him while he did all those things for me. I was beginning to come back to my senses. Thoughts like "This guy loves me this much?" came to my head. I didn't want him to be the only one doing the sacrifices so I tried my best to make myself better again. I tried walking. But apparently that made everyone worried and looked for me.

Then this weird ninja like scenario comes and someone sort of kidnaps me. The kidnapper/mastermind wanted ransom so he asked my lover for some money in exchange of me. My lover couldn't do anything but to do what the bad guy asked. He gave some challenges to my lover then in the end handed me to him. He was still worried that I might not heal anymore. I don't know how or why but, I just did. Must be the power of his love.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seers like SEE ERS

I remember before that I read something about dreams. That the people you see in your dreams are people you've come across with in your lifetime. Though you are not aware in reality that you've seen this people. Even if you just passed by them, they can appear in your dreams. I believe this because this is what the researchers say. But, it's quite funny, my dream that is. In my dream, there is a family of seers. Meaning they can see the future. I can describe them pretty much since I remember what they look like. They were a family of five. Everyone had blonde hair. I spoke to the youngest girl in the family while the others were making their orders. It was not me who approached but her. Her hair was slightly long. She had a fringe which she kept clipped at the right side of her face. Her hair length was around her shoulders.I think her eyes were green. I do not know how I came to know that they were seers. She just went to me and we started talking. I asked her if she really was a seer. She said yes and I asked her that if she was, can she tell me what I'd be doing in 10 years, but I think I changed it to 15 years. She said that in 15 years, I would be handing over my job application to a famous animation company. I was really astonished. I mean, she just predicted this without hesitation. So I asked again "Where exactly am I at? Which country is the animation studio at?" Then she replied with a "Of course, at the country where I came from, England" So I take it that they were from there. Though they didn't have an English accent. It was more of a soft Irish accent, or maybe American.

Now, in reality I don't really forget much of the foreign people I come across with. I am so interested in foreigners. Especially this, a family with blonde hair. I mean, knowing myself I would probably observe them if I saw them. Usually you see foreigners at the mall or at the beach. Especially if it's summer. Even though I just passed them I can still remember since I like observing. So, the theory of the researchers where they say that people that you have never seen before appearing in your dreams are probably people you've passed by, I'm not too sure. But I still believe it. I mean, it must be that I have unconsciously seen this people around.

Also, there is another side to my dream so I'll continue with that later on. My mother had the same experience. Where she saw her 2nd husband in a dream before. Like when she was married to my dad, she used to dream about a man she's never seen before. She ignored that. Then my dad died and years later, mum found another man and believes that he was the guy that kept appearing in her dreams.

I'm quite astonished that the family was a family of seers. In my dream, they were quite precise with what they say and I immediately believed them.

The thing why the term "seers" appeared in my dream is probably because I watched Merlin the other day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I was trying to remember my dream two days ago. When I woke up I couldn't remember. When I ate my lunch I suddenly remembered. Then when I was about to type it out here, I couldn't remember it again. SO I told myself "I had a dream. I must remember it." Like I always do. But I still couldn't. But the moment I lay my head on my pillow, I suddenly remember, and this time I won't forget. I said to myself that I must type it out the next day, but look at that, I didn't. So here I am now, typing out the dream I had days ago since I never really had any for the past two days.

Basically, my dream was about being in a dormitory. It was the former dormitory and the exact room of one of my guy friends. The room had no air-conditioning, it was pretty simple and quite eerie. My friend asked me how I was doing with the room. I told him I'm doing well and he told me that it was his former room. He transferred because there was a ghost/spirit living in the room and scared him. So I got all paranoid that the ghost might appear when I take baths and stuff. I was getting really afraid. But nothing appeared so I just shrugged it off. Then at night, I went to restaurants near my dormitory and on my way there, the place suddenly changed to Singapore. Weird about those Singapore dreams. Really weird. So far I've had two. Then my mum suddenly appeared and told me that we should go the airport because she's finally sending me to England. I have always wanted to go there. It's been a dream of mine. Since my dad came from there. Anyway, we called a cab and told the driver to take us to the airport. Mum told me "your dream is finally coming true. You're going to England now." And I responded with an eager smile. Then, you know what happens. The dream gets cut off as I wake up. :\

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to childhood

Aaah, I dreamt of being a child again. It was so nice. The worry free days made me want to turn back into a child again. Nothing much detailed happened in my dream last night. It was mostly about playing and having fun. I miss being a kid.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

No dream/yay for pen

Okay, so there were no dreams today BUT if you remember from my last post, I talked about this cheap pen I've been looking for for months. And guess what? I found them, I FREAKEN FOUND THEM. Lol, It really was cheap 14 bucks and I get three. My dream was a sign, I just know it. Man I love my dreams :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

ninja mode and lovely pens

I didn't have a dream the other day. That or I just couldn't remember which is most of the case. But I'm sticking on the "no dream" side. So last night I had a wonderful dream involving creeping like a ninja, going to our neighbour's house which was in front and which turned into a nice mall (really handy) WITH skating rinks. So my dreams also involved ice skating. Then that lovely pen. Let's start with that. You know, there is this pen (in reality) that i've been looking for ever since I had the chance to use it. It was really nice. I know it was the cheap kind. I noticed that it's always around but I don't know where I could buy it. I see it when I go to the bank and when I write the value of my savings. The people in the counseling room at school has the pen. The person who made us evaluate our teachers lent me the same pen. I was wondering what the pen was. It was nice to use 'cause it's a ball point pen and it's really smooth to any kind of paper. Eventually, it made its way to my dream. We were at the mall (the neighbour's house) at the bookstore. My sister saw the pen and bought heaps. As in, the whole stock because it was really cheap. I wanted to do the same but they ran out because of my bloody old sister. So I went back home and it turned out that the route to home was weirdly fascinating. Before you could go anywhere near the bookstore, the places you have to go through was three ice skating rinks. It was funny because we were already walking in skating shoes. So we're all ready to skate if ever we want to go somewhere else. I can really feel the nervousness it gives me. Like, my balance suddenly shifts making me shift from left to right. I'm pretty good in ice skating in real life so maybe my skills applied in my dream. In the end, it was already dark but I still wanted to buy my pens. The other bookstore had them. So I crept like a ninja without the people knowing I went out. I mean, come on, it's in front of our house! My cousin seemed to have felt something so I hid myself among the leaves and plants in our garden. Man I felt like a thief. Then, my other sister went out to buy something late at night. I was thinking of how I would go back inside because I got out by squishing myself through the gates near our garden (which is why I was near it). The main gate were far on the right. When my other sister went out, I just gave up on the pens and crept back in without being seen. At the same time I arrived inside, my cousin went out (in the garage where I was in) and I just pretended that I went there to play with our dog. So no one found out of my ninja mode thing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Airport Irritation

A few months ago, last June to be precise, I went on a 5 day trip to Singapore. It was all great and fun. But last night, I dreamt about Singapore. On my dream, I was on my way back to my country. It was around 2 in the morning already, and I just arrived and for some reason, the lady in a somewhat reception booth asked me for my luggage ticket. I was thinking "they have that?" Then I checked and there was none. But I noticed it was stapled (yes -_-) somewhere in my luggage. So I pulled it off and it got torn off. I gave it to the lady and she didn't accept it. I was so freaken annoyed, I mean, she could just paste them together. It's not like I did it on purpose, it was purely accidental. But NOOOO. The big fat-assed lady didn't want the bloody old torn up paper. She made me apply for a new one which made me stay at the airport until 4 am. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who she gave troubles too. There were heaps of us. We were all annoyed. Good thing I was the first on the line. But still, staying for more than 2 hours at the airport just for a freaken paper is not fun. She should disappear. Good thing it's a dream.

The rest of the day made me remember the rest of my dream. There was this cat. He was friends with my sister's cat (oh where are you now ken?) I knew what they were talking about. This other cat was the type who wanted to have an owner and he wanted to feel loved and love his owner back. So Ken said that he knew someone that might love him. Which was me. To their awesome luck I was on my way outside and saw Ken. I said "Hey what are you doing outside ken? Is he your friend? He's so cute." Then the other cat ran to me and rubbed himself all around me. He was so sweet. Apparently I took him in and he was so happy he has a new owner.

Wow, the other way around.


Okay, so weird enough that I've been dreaming consecutively. And they've been about the weirdest things. So, what's up with the title? Well, I chose croc because my dream was mainly about having one. But I can remember that I had another dream other than that, but the croc thing was so powerful and terrifying that that's what got stuck to my mind. But I know that I remembered the other dream while I was sitting at my couch a while ago, I just need to remember again.

On to the crocs. For some reason, I went to a lower batch's house. I don't know who though. I only know two lower batch people and I don't think it was their house. It was really HUGE. It was like a mansion or something. They had a pool which was nice. That day was pretty fine. The next day is where the dream became interesting. So I was waiting for my sister to finish, and she said that I should go on because she had to stay at her classmate's house, which was that really big mansion. So I'm guessing it was a fourth batch's house instead of the third batch (the one where I only know two people). For some reason, I didn't go back alone because, I dunno, maybe it was too dark to go home by myself. So I called her and asked her where her classmate's home was. I was surprised that it was the house I went to the other day. So I already knew where to go to and stuff. I checked the pool and I saw this really gi-normous crocodile. I thought "They had a pet crocodile? He wasn't here yesterday..." The croc was really weird. It's like it had a mind of its own and he can like, think and speak. Well he didn't really speak, but it was my dream so I knew what he was thinking. The curious idiot that I was, I went to the area where the croc was thinking that it wouldn't be able to get out from where he was, but HE DID! I was terrified that he started moving away from his "pool cage" I backed away, and he started chasing me. I was thinking, yeah, crocodile, tiny legs, he wouldn't be able to chase me so fast, he needs to crawl faster to do so, but to my surprise that crocodile was really fast. I knew he had that "You think I can't chase you, huh?" thought in his head. I started running and he chased me, he was so fast I was panicking already. Then there was a dead end and the croc looked really happy because he can finally catch and eat me. I was getting more nervous but I acted brave and jumped over his body to the other direction so that I can get out. I ran again and he still chased me ever so fast. There was a moment where he almost captured me but I pushed his head away. Wow, I'm brave. Then I ran inside the house and went to where my sister and her classmates were and warned them that there was a croc. Unluckily, her room was just in front of the pool. Kinda like her balcony or whatever. The croc found it's way inside the room with a "I'm gonna get you" look on his face. Try to imagine everything. It's really scary. He had us in a trap. Really. I was so terrified but you know what? It changed channels :\

It changed to how my maternal cousins were at our house and all of my aunts children were there. She really had a ton of kids, which I really really hate. Ugh, the thrill from the croc dream turned into something bitter. :\ I was so pissed that they were at my house using the new bed my mum bought for our newly renovated guest room. I hate it. Those pesky kids are ruining the nice bed. And so I woke up. I hope they don't visit :\

I just remembered a part of my dream while I was eating. Our community service kids were gone/sent away to another place. And I was so sad since I planned on having P.E with them. Sucked. I hope it doesn't happen. Before I had a dream about them and it came true. :\

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ghostly love story

Okay, I don't know if i've posted this before already. But this guy Oliver made me remember this weird dream that I had before. It was about a girl who was afraid of ghosts and a guy who was already dead. Wait, I think I posted about this one before. Hmm, well if i had, my apologies. Here's how the story goes.

As far as I remember, I saw a girl who I represented. Of course, in most dreams, you get to feel what the main characters feel. So at first, the girl who was in her room was me. So there I was, about to sleep. My phone rings and I tried answering it. But to my surprise, the number was unknown. So I was wondering who it was. Finally, I clicked the answer button and you know what I heard? It was really weird. I can hear laughter echoing in the background and some background music that would most likely be in some paranormal movie and stuff like that. Then there was a guy that said hello. He said that he likes me and would like to meet. But he said he was already a ghost. In my dream I was afraid of ghosts right? (which was really weird, I'm not afraid of them, really) So I immediately turn my phone off and weep and whine, I tried to sleep. I also remember going to the bathroom to pee and you know what happened? The ghost was haunting me. When I finished peeing (pardon me) he flushed it for me. I was frightened. I was about to wash my face and he opened the faucet for me. Him haunting me really got me so scared that I didn't want to go to the bathroom in my dream.

Weirdly, the girl in my dream wasn't me anymore and I just turned into a mere spectator. I watched everything. The guy kept calling her and giving her notes that says "give me a chance." Wow, I remember that. So the girl tried, also for the sake of her overcoming her fear of ghosts. Eventually, she got used to him calling her and asking how her day was. The guy was already in love with the girl from the beginning. And from what he did, the girl fell in love as well. So they were in love, right? Next thing that happened was that the guy tried meeting up with the girl. But the girl won't be able to touch or see him so what he did was, he took over a visitor's body. Lucky for him they had a visitor who was staying for a few days. The girl immediately knew that it was the ghost who was inside the visitor's body. I don't know how, it must be love. Then she grabbed the guy, they were in the bathroom and they spoke a little about how they feel. It suddenly changed location. The girl was really happy. I saw a really beautiful place. There was this stadium-like thing at the middle of everything and there was a colourful mountain nearby. The ghost finally show's himself (his real face) to the girl and says that it's time for him to go to heaven. He said that he was really happy that he met the girl he loved and that she fell in love with him as well despite him being a ghost. It was really sad, the girl was crying as she sees her love go into the light. I woke up really sad. 'Cause you know, I can feel how they all felt because it was my dream.

I wonder why I keep dreaming about weird love stories? I don't know. Maybe because I haven't experienced being in a relationship yet (yes, I suck) that my dreams are making me experience them. Hmm, that sounds nice.


I had a really adventure and futuristic dream last night. I'm still in the process of collecting the missing pieces of my dream so I will edit this if I remember them all. Parts of my dream was that there was a group of people. Think treasure planet-y kind of people. They were running away from what I can recall, a big scary monster, but not really monster looking. Maybe a giant, 'cause I was watching a show yesterday that involved jack and the bean stalk. SO they finally escape the giant. I think it was a woman, that giant. Anyway, they escape right? Then it suddenly turned into this weird love story. A guy in the group fell in love with a girl who somewhat resembles a dog. She did look like one. As if she were a disney character. The human-dog look with curly blonde hair. They were in love and it seemed like they were running away from something that seem terrible to them. There was this place where there were machines and the people there randomly choose targets as their guinea pig. The two lovers run away and thus made the adventure dream that I had, probably. So in the end, the two came back to the headquarters and came to accept their fate. They kiss and minutes later, the girl was called. She was terrified but she went on. I can feel what she was feeling because it was my dream. She lies down on the bed thingy and then it was pulled in. She was trapped inside this spaceless room if you can call it one. Just imagine that you are being x-rayed. You know, when you have to lie down so that they can take an x-ray of your whole body. That's what was happening to the girl except there were no x-rays and the place she's in only has 2 inches of space inside. There was this rectangular opening so that you can see her eyes. But they shut it close and all she can see was the dark. The guy was really sad and couldn't accept it. There was this timer thing that I guess holds the power to that machine. They turn it off. I can feel the girl's frustration. She was thinking of what to do. Will she just close her eyes and die, or just sleep, or just let the air be gone. She closes her eyes and the last thing I saw was that the machine was turned off. It was really sad. I mean, what were they planning on doing? Is it some kind of experiment to tests whether they can freeze a person so that she would be in suspended animation? or did they just plainly kill her. The guy was never chosen so if it were the first thought, then poor girl, she has to wake up one day with her love already gone. I also saw that there were tons of machines side by side with each other. I'm guessing that they will send those machines off somewhere and get new ones for new victims.

OH, and before I forget, another dream was that my friend from college who's in America right now has already arrived. It's weird. She's not supposed to be back until January.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The recent

So i've been dreaming lately, but sad enough I couldn't find time to write them up. I actually thought that blogging about my dreams was a bad idea but despite that, I'll still continue on. I couldn't remember much of my dreams, but that's pretty common. The only thing I remember was the one I had last night which was pretty long, but I can only clearly remember a certain part. Like the part where my dad is home and so is Dan (a cousin, uncle Stephen's grandson). Dad was interviewing Dan which was so awkward 'cause he's kinda like his grand nephew. Dan is only a year younger than I am. The whole relationship thing is complicated. He is my cousin's son. My cousin is already old that's why he is only 1 year younger. Anyway, my maternal cousin had this really bad dream. I can't really tell it here 'cause it really was horrible.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

October 29 10

I dreamt about giving away my souvenirs from Singapore to the needy. But I was thinking about how my friends would feel about it so I only gave away the keychain. My souvenirs from friends were pens. Then it changed channels. I was at my retreat, we were about to eat lunch and there were too many people that I couldn't get to grab some food. I skipped lunch. Then it was time for dinner, too many people again so I ended up having only curly-top chocolates. I was so hungry. When I woke up, I noticed that I really was hungry that it affected my dream. I had another dream, we were checking my ugly knees. I'm a knock knee(sort of) so my feet doesn't stand when I rest my legs. Weird.

October 27 10

I had another dream. It was quite frightening. Some actors were included in my dream. There were two kids and the parents of these kids, actually, the mother only, met with an accident. Some people were after the kids. When their dad heard of the news that the mum died, he also wanted to die too. For some odd reason, he brought and eyeliner with him. There was a dream before that but I couldn't remember.

Curiousity and such goes inside my dream

A while ago (yes, just a while ago) I posted about how things in real life sometimes goes inside my dreams. What do I mean about this you ask? Well, there are things in life that makes me curious and stuff. Sometimes they really bother me to the extent that they appear inside my dreams. Also, if I really want something from the bottom of my heart, and I'm sort of bothered about that thing I want, they appear in my dreams. I can give examples.

Like the other dream I had about the secret agent thing. Those were the days where I longed for a macbook and for some odd reason, it keeps appearing in my dreams in it's own little ways. Was it a sign that I'm supposed to buy one. Well I took it as one. And I did manage to buy me a mac book pro. Thanks to my lovely mum who funded everything (don't worry, everything will go back to you).

Another example that I can remember is when my cousin slept at our living room for a few days. It started when my other cousin(a guy, the one who slept was a girl) arrived at home and started sleeping in her room according to what I know. My girl cousin slept at the living room since then. It bothered me that she slept there. First of all, I don't really like the idea of her sleeping there. I know it's really soft and cozy there but come on woman, there's a perfect big and nice room for you upstairs, go and sleep there. But she didn't. It kept going for a few days and it bothered me a lot. To the point where I was already thinking things like, is my guy cousin doing something to her that she feels uncomfortable about or what the hell is up with her brain. I don't know why I wouldn't ask her though. I mean, I'm pretty frank especially if I know the person too well and if I know that she would get pissed off. But somehow, I felt that she might find it rude if I asked her. So there I was, every freaking day sitting in our dining table which is located just in front of our second living room. Staring at her while she sleeps. But I couldn't bloody ask her.

Then one night, I started having dreams of her sleeping at our living room and me asking for the reason. For some bloody reason, when she's about to give the reason (okay I said that word too much), the dream gets cut off. I hate it. So every other night, I would dream about her since I'm still bothered about it. But it kept on going on like that so I got tired of it and asked her in real life. And finally, I get the answer I've been looking for in my dream. She said that she likes the soft couch and that she can wake up really early when she's there. Thus not making her late for school. I thought it was rational. But then it still kept on going and eventually, I got pissed off. I don't want her to sleep there after all. So does my mother. Because the couch gets ruined and flattened. That's a really nice couch you know. A friend of mine even said that she wanted to take my couch home.

Is this post getting long? Another example is, I heard from my college friends that I certain guy, who happens to be our classmate as well, cried during their thesis subject. My friend said that she saw them (other guys) having a sort of confrontation thing with our professor. And he cried. I was bothered again and asked him if he was okay. He said he would tell me the reason at school if he sees me. I saw him but we forgot about the topic. Eventually reality continued to dreams again and there I was, at their classroom, asking why he cried. When he was about to give the reason, our professor suddenly cuts the conversation of telling them to do their jobs. UGH. Up until now, I don't know the REAL reason. I have heard of some stories about it but I want to know what happened. Sometimes I feel so ignorant when it comes to what's going on in our batch (we only have one section in animation in our batch. we're the only second batch people). It's nice to be ignorant, it keeps us happy, but still.

Friday, November 5, 2010

October 26 2010

My first entry in my journal.

I thought I didnt have a dream, but I remembered when I was about to take a nap at our living room.

I was a transfer student at an elite school. Everyone was nice and was questioning me where I'm from or why I transferred. There was an oral recitation then it switched to another channel (is how I describe it when the dream suddenly changes). I was at the dorms and a friend took me to fun places. But I got an order from a student boss that I should steal an important document. I see a laptop in the office, I think it's a macbook. I was really nervous but it seemed that I already did this secret agent thing. I go back to the house party not looking suspicious then I call a fellow agent to pick the important document up. It happened to be my friend Stephanie and although the document got crumpled and ruined, it was mission complete :>

Honestly, all I can say about this dream is... I obsess too much. During those times I was planning on buying a new laptop and I happened to have taken a liking to the mac book pro. But it was too expensive so I was thinking whether I should buy it or not. To tell the truth, If there's something bothering me or there's something I really want from the bottom of my heart or simply if it makes me curious and I can't do anything about it, they appear in my dreams. Sort of like giving the answers I've been wanting to know. I will post about this topic in another blog.

My dream-friend

Since I'm newly posting, why not talk about this friend I have that keeps on popping up in my dream. Well he doesn't really appear much. He only appeared in my dreams twice. His name is Adie. The first time I met him was before I was about to enter college. I think he appeared because I was pretty nervous about the fact that I'm going t college and will meet new people and be busy and stuff. I met him in our main building's hall or something. I was sitting somewhere near the stairs and he just popped up and said hi to me. Funny, 'cause in my dream, it seemed like we already knew each other before. I've never met or seen this guy before. But I can describe him only in limited ways. Well for starters, he is not very tall. I'm a tall girl, I stand 5'9", I think. He has an English accent so I'm guessing he's a foreign exchange student or he lived in England before he started college here. He's a pretty cheerful guy. His hair is quite spiky. It's weird that I always see him in the main building in my dreams. I don't even go there much. I go to the Arts and Design building since I'm studying animation. So there we go, Adie. The second time I saw him in a dream, we asked how we've been and stuff. Like how's studying going for him? Before, I was really curious why his name is Adie, it seemed kinda girly to me. Then he said that it was short for Adolf. He doesn't seem to like his name so he shortened it. He also introduced me to a guy, I think he's Hungarian or something. I can't recall his name much but I think it was Steve. He kept on insisting that I am his soulmate. Quite nice.

I haven't seen Adie in a long time. I think he only appears when I'm bummed about school. Like a comfort zone or something. I hope Adie appears in one of my dreams again someday.


Hi. Like anyone else, I'm a dreamer. I felt that dreams were important so I decided to keep tabs on each one of them every time I get one. I first tried writing them up on a blank book 'cause I thought it might be cool. It was but it hurt my hands like hell so I decided to stick to what I do better, TYPING. Though I'm not that used to my new keyboard yet. But I'll try :D

So, dreams...I have too much of them and I will write them here. Sad to say that I will have to start with the date I started and I just did so recently so there won't be much posts yet. But I WILL post some of the dreams I had before started writing. As soon as I remember them.