Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad dream

Lots of us have experienced having bad dreams. It depends on how bad the dream is. Some aren't even bad once you think about it or tell others. It was just the dream experience itself that felt scary. I had a bad dream during my stay at the beach. Yes, I went to the beach this week. But ah, unfortunately nightmares still follow me despite me trying my best to have fun.

Onto the dream. Have I told you that I am on my Thesis year? If not then yes. If yes, then there you go. During my thesis defence, my classmates and I dread this one professor and didn't want him/her to be one of the panelists. He's gay which explains the "him/her" thing. Okay, this professor scares most of us. He's really true to his words. Really frank and will hurt your feelings if he has to. So what was my dream about? It was about thesis. Now, I'm already done with my thesis defence. But in this dream, that professor said that he wants us to have another thesis defence because he wasn't in the panel. He wants his own personal thesis defence with us and wants us to present everything in 3D. I was like "SHIT! I HAVEN'T EVEN COMPLETED MY ANIMATICS FROM MY THESIS DEFENCE BEFORE!" I was so terrified. Really, I didn't get to finish my animatics. The rest of my presentation was only roughs. And now he wants 3D? I don't have Maya software at home. I was so scared. When I woke up, I told myself "I might have just had the scariest dream in my life so far" It felt real.

So how was the beach? WONDERFUL! Here's a picture.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Darren Criss

So yesterday, me and my family went out to the mall and went shopping. I forgot that my friend told me that Darren Criss' concert would be on December 21st. I also didn't know that it would be at that mall where we went. So I was surprised to see his poster there. I remembered that my friend would be there so I texted her and met up with her for a little while. I saw a glimpse of Darren Criss from afar. But enough about that, let's get on with the dream.

Yes, I dreamt about Darren Criss, thanks to that event yesterday. In my dream, his concert was already done and he was going back to his hotel. My friend and I were, weirdly, fans of him in that dream. So we went somewhere backstage and ended up outside this special suite just for Darren. We waited there. We even pretended we were men and wore a suit to look like one. But we forgot our clothes near the door and Darren went out using that door. Then we pretended we didn't know he was coming. We said hi and took a picture with him. Obviously, we had a hard time with the picture. We weren't getting nice photos with him. Which is obvious since it's a dream and you'll probably not have good pictures in one. So that's my dream.

It's good to be dreaming again. :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Okay, so I haven't been dreaming too much lately. It might be because I was too busy doing my thesis stuff. I actually forgot a lot of things during those times. But right now I have my christmas break and I reckon I might start dreaming again starting tonight. Let's hope.

I did have a weird dream this week. I think that was two days ago. We were at a prestigious school. It was in another country. I dreamt about this school before but I don't know if I put it here. It might be one of those dreams that you forget and gets stored at the farthest place of your mind and will only reappear to you when the time comes. So, at this dream we were in a situation where we were choosing our clubs. My sister and I were roaming around. I don't know where she went off after I chose mine. I was walking around and checking the interesting clubs. I remember how everything looked like. I can even draw it for you. But I'll do that later. At the very middle of the whole place, there was an amusement park ride-like thing. Do you know that ride where there are many of you who rides it and it goes up and falls down? It's kinda like that, but instead of going up and down, it spins like crazy. You can ride that for free 'cause it was part of the school. So I saw some people riding and regretting the ride. So I went and checked around, and apparently, I chose the games club. It was fun there. You can play anything. Board games, arcade, interactive games, computer games. Anything! Out of no where, my friend Soya, was there. He is really good at games (in real life) he picks up well. There was a situation that takes too long to explain here so I'm just gonna get to the point and say, he suddenly went bitchy on me. In real life, this guy is this sweet, never says no(seriously), will do anything you say, really obedient kind of guy. Even his mother says that he should do something bad even just for once, 'cause he's too good. I admit I sometimes take his kindness for granted and I feel bad for that. Sometimes, I ask him to get me this and that and he does. But I don't go too far. I know my limits. In my dream, he suddenly got mad when I said "Don't worry, I know this guy. He does whatever I say" WOW. I am so mean. It was right of him to get pissed. But that was really a shock :O

Monday, December 13, 2010

Got mad

I had a quick dream. I realised I had my period, then a friend called and I totally ranted on her. I told her to call me another day 'cause if she continues to sulk and complain on me(which she really does every time she calls me) my head will literally explode on her.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haven't been posting in a while. I've been terribly busy with school work. Animation is really a drag but it's all worth it. Anyway, onto the dreams. I haven't been dreaming much to be honest. And mostly, when I DO dream, it doesn't bring me enough impact to make me remember it. There's this one dream I had which I found weird.

Me and my batchmates had this assembly, we were to talk about animation stuff. The guy I liked before, who was studying a different course, was there. Just standing. I went near the window and he did so as well. I looked at the wonderful view. He was behind me and I turned around. I closed my eyes and then, he kissed me. But do you know where? Weirdly, it was on both my eyelids. Is that normal? I don't really know, I've never been kissed before. I mean, both eyelids. Weird~ Anyway, that was the only dream that I remembered in full. The other ones were only bits and I don't really have the energy to try remembering them all.

Ooh, Christmas is coming. But do I have time to think about that? No, 'cause I'm doing my bloody thesis and my thesis defence is next week. I don't even have anything complete yet. I'm so lazy :\

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dad is mad

I dreamt about my father and he wasn't too happy in my dream. He was really mad. Even when I opened up about speaking to his brother he got furious about. I wonder why?

P.S Dad my you rest in peace.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Talented lady

I had a dream last night. I remembered it as soon as I woke up for reasons I'm going to tell you in my later sentences. Okay, in my dream, my classmates and I, together with some professors were in some sort of a gathering (but not really). It was like we were in a classroom but all we were doing were random stuff. Not actual studying. One of my friends opened youtube and saw this really talented girl. I think she was in her 20's, well she looked it. The first thing she was doing was drumming. She was really good. She played two songs. The other one was from a background music from some anime. I liked that song so I put it in my ipod. I wonder how it went inside my dream. I wasn't even listening to it. When the girl played further into the beat of that song, she said "Ooh, I like this tune" We all laughed as she really did look like she liked it. But it didn't seem that she knew the song, it was sort of a random song thing and she only made the beats up which totally made her into a real talent. The next instrument was the guitar. Apparently she was also good. I think the next thing she did was sing. I know she did other things aside from those related to music. I remember going to parts of the place I was in so I never really got to see EVERYTHING in the video. But nonetheless she was really good.

In the end my friends and I came to some realisations like "I heard the girl is from somewhere in Japan." And the funniest (but kinda cruel) thing was "She's really good. Too bad she isn't pretty."

Yeah, I know, even in my dreams I'm mean. But it was true. She seemed sort of distorted. On the face part only though. But I was amazed that she was so talented in many things. SO, the reason for remembering the song? There I gave it already. It was a song from my ipod which I really liked. It got stuck in my head. Simple as that.

oooooh, maybe this is a preadiction. Maybe some yet to be star is going to be discovered. LOL.