Friday, June 8, 2012

3 repetitive dreams = premontion?

Hey! Been a while. A friend (What's up Glen?) and I were talking about dreams and I mentioned my dream blog, and it got me to blogging again. Although this recent post will be quite sad on my part.

I had a total of 4 dreams about the same thing and something happened. My cat just gave birth to three wonderful little kitties 3 months ago. And since I love animals so much, I was ecstatic. I looked forward to them growing up. But sadly, during their 3rd month of living, they started going missing one by one. First it was our little girl named Peanut, who disappeared on my birthday, so that was really something.

Then a week later, curious little Butter disappeared. Just my kitten Ninja, remained. Both Peanut and Butter was accidentally taken by our car (They love sleeping under the hood of the car because it's warm) when my mother left for some place else. Because I was afraid that Ninja would meet the same fate, I kept watch on him. I ask my mum when she plans on going out for groceries, and what time, so that I could wake up and make sure Ninja's not inside the hood. I realised Ninja rarely goes inside the hood and immediately jumps out when I open the door. So I was rest assured that he won't be like his siblings. 


I was too calm, and so, one morning, when my mum decided to use the bloody car just so she could go to the marketplace and buy food with our house helper, Ninja happened to be under the hood. That was June 3rd. I was so sad, I cried (yes folks, I really cry for animals' sake). 

That's my back story. Now onto the dream. Just after Butter disappeared, I started having dreams that Peanut and Butter are together and that they finally found their way home. I was happy 'cause they're all reunited again. The next day, I dreamt the same thing. And the day after that too. 

I told my sister, who said she's also dreamt the same thing, but 4 times now. And I said "I've only dreamt thrice..." my fourth dream was the night before Ninja disappeared. It was slightly different than the first 3 dreams. In the recent dreams, I was carrying Ninja when all of a sudden, Peanut and Butter appeared. And I said "They finally found their way home." Then Ninja jumped off from my arm and chased Butter and Peanut to play. I was staring at them thinking "How nice, they're finally reunited. Ninja must've missed his brother and sister." After that I changed dreams.

My mum barged in on my room saying "Joerg step dad finally said yes! We can buy the puppy!" Which I lazily replied to with a "aahh?" (Kind of in a really? tone). But I immediately remembered my dream and hurried downstairs to look for Ninja and he's nowhere to be found. I even searched the places where he usually hides (he loves doing that) but he's nowhere. 

I then asked my mum if they went somewhere and what time... she said they went to the marketplace at around 6 am when we were all still asleep. I went to my cat Sassy (the mother of Ninja, Butter and Peanut) and stroke her. I cried, actually. But I don't know if my mum noticed. The same day, we bought a puppy named Bruce. I was actually planning on having Bruce and Ninja grow up together and be best friends. But I guess that's not gonna happen.

Could my fourth dream have been a premonition? I really believe in those stuff. I'm not bragging or being crazy, but I have this gift where something comes to my mind and then it happens. I even predicted the lottery before. Sad thing is that I can't really tell whether this is just any normal thought, or something that's going to happen in the future. I simply call it "Clair-cognizance" since Clairvoyance involves "seeing" something. I also get premonition-like dreams often. So yeah. I think it was a premonition that I couldn't prevent as I was comfortably snoozing my ass off. 

I miss Ninja :( I hope he's okay somewhere out there... 

Sassy with Ninja (Black & White), Butter (Yellow and White), and Peanut (tortoise shell)