Monday, November 15, 2010


I had a really adventure and futuristic dream last night. I'm still in the process of collecting the missing pieces of my dream so I will edit this if I remember them all. Parts of my dream was that there was a group of people. Think treasure planet-y kind of people. They were running away from what I can recall, a big scary monster, but not really monster looking. Maybe a giant, 'cause I was watching a show yesterday that involved jack and the bean stalk. SO they finally escape the giant. I think it was a woman, that giant. Anyway, they escape right? Then it suddenly turned into this weird love story. A guy in the group fell in love with a girl who somewhat resembles a dog. She did look like one. As if she were a disney character. The human-dog look with curly blonde hair. They were in love and it seemed like they were running away from something that seem terrible to them. There was this place where there were machines and the people there randomly choose targets as their guinea pig. The two lovers run away and thus made the adventure dream that I had, probably. So in the end, the two came back to the headquarters and came to accept their fate. They kiss and minutes later, the girl was called. She was terrified but she went on. I can feel what she was feeling because it was my dream. She lies down on the bed thingy and then it was pulled in. She was trapped inside this spaceless room if you can call it one. Just imagine that you are being x-rayed. You know, when you have to lie down so that they can take an x-ray of your whole body. That's what was happening to the girl except there were no x-rays and the place she's in only has 2 inches of space inside. There was this rectangular opening so that you can see her eyes. But they shut it close and all she can see was the dark. The guy was really sad and couldn't accept it. There was this timer thing that I guess holds the power to that machine. They turn it off. I can feel the girl's frustration. She was thinking of what to do. Will she just close her eyes and die, or just sleep, or just let the air be gone. She closes her eyes and the last thing I saw was that the machine was turned off. It was really sad. I mean, what were they planning on doing? Is it some kind of experiment to tests whether they can freeze a person so that she would be in suspended animation? or did they just plainly kill her. The guy was never chosen so if it were the first thought, then poor girl, she has to wake up one day with her love already gone. I also saw that there were tons of machines side by side with each other. I'm guessing that they will send those machines off somewhere and get new ones for new victims.

OH, and before I forget, another dream was that my friend from college who's in America right now has already arrived. It's weird. She's not supposed to be back until January.


  1. How weird? I'm amazed you can remember it all. Do you keep a notebook by your bed (if you've already explained that in an earlier post, then forgive me)?
    I usually only remember short snatches of my dreams, which can be really frustrating when you want to recall an amazing one.
    Interesting post...I will be back!

  2. Hi, I don't know how I remember my dreams. I guess I'm on of the lucky ones. They've been intriguing me ever since I was young so I thought of writing them up.

    I don't keep a notebook by my bed. I did try writing my dreams in a notebook but that failed and I decided to type it out. Thanks for visiting. I'm aslo visiting your blog.

  3. Yes, all the details are right there in your memory: that's amazing! I usually have trouble remembering what the things in my dreams are and I wake up confused, feeling like I'm missing something important.

    You know what? I think you can write a good story starting from this plot line. Look, I'm not a writer, but I really believe that could be a good short story. (Damn, a giant chase that turns into a love story would be very fun to read! And all the emotions you described here!)

    I have a dictionary of dreams that interprets dream symbols. It's handy, you should get one, too, seeing that your dream is very interesting and you remember the details of it all. =]

  4. Well you know what? I've actually had lots of dreams where I can write a good story about. In time I might animate them, I'm an animation student so If I'm not in lazy mode I might do them. I had a dream before about a love story between a girl who was afraid of ghosts and a ghost who, well, fell in love with her. Yeah, I think I'll blog about that, you made me remember. Thanks :D


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