Thursday, December 2, 2010

Talented lady

I had a dream last night. I remembered it as soon as I woke up for reasons I'm going to tell you in my later sentences. Okay, in my dream, my classmates and I, together with some professors were in some sort of a gathering (but not really). It was like we were in a classroom but all we were doing were random stuff. Not actual studying. One of my friends opened youtube and saw this really talented girl. I think she was in her 20's, well she looked it. The first thing she was doing was drumming. She was really good. She played two songs. The other one was from a background music from some anime. I liked that song so I put it in my ipod. I wonder how it went inside my dream. I wasn't even listening to it. When the girl played further into the beat of that song, she said "Ooh, I like this tune" We all laughed as she really did look like she liked it. But it didn't seem that she knew the song, it was sort of a random song thing and she only made the beats up which totally made her into a real talent. The next instrument was the guitar. Apparently she was also good. I think the next thing she did was sing. I know she did other things aside from those related to music. I remember going to parts of the place I was in so I never really got to see EVERYTHING in the video. But nonetheless she was really good.

In the end my friends and I came to some realisations like "I heard the girl is from somewhere in Japan." And the funniest (but kinda cruel) thing was "She's really good. Too bad she isn't pretty."

Yeah, I know, even in my dreams I'm mean. But it was true. She seemed sort of distorted. On the face part only though. But I was amazed that she was so talented in many things. SO, the reason for remembering the song? There I gave it already. It was a song from my ipod which I really liked. It got stuck in my head. Simple as that.

oooooh, maybe this is a preadiction. Maybe some yet to be star is going to be discovered. LOL.

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