Sunday, December 19, 2010


Okay, so I haven't been dreaming too much lately. It might be because I was too busy doing my thesis stuff. I actually forgot a lot of things during those times. But right now I have my christmas break and I reckon I might start dreaming again starting tonight. Let's hope.

I did have a weird dream this week. I think that was two days ago. We were at a prestigious school. It was in another country. I dreamt about this school before but I don't know if I put it here. It might be one of those dreams that you forget and gets stored at the farthest place of your mind and will only reappear to you when the time comes. So, at this dream we were in a situation where we were choosing our clubs. My sister and I were roaming around. I don't know where she went off after I chose mine. I was walking around and checking the interesting clubs. I remember how everything looked like. I can even draw it for you. But I'll do that later. At the very middle of the whole place, there was an amusement park ride-like thing. Do you know that ride where there are many of you who rides it and it goes up and falls down? It's kinda like that, but instead of going up and down, it spins like crazy. You can ride that for free 'cause it was part of the school. So I saw some people riding and regretting the ride. So I went and checked around, and apparently, I chose the games club. It was fun there. You can play anything. Board games, arcade, interactive games, computer games. Anything! Out of no where, my friend Soya, was there. He is really good at games (in real life) he picks up well. There was a situation that takes too long to explain here so I'm just gonna get to the point and say, he suddenly went bitchy on me. In real life, this guy is this sweet, never says no(seriously), will do anything you say, really obedient kind of guy. Even his mother says that he should do something bad even just for once, 'cause he's too good. I admit I sometimes take his kindness for granted and I feel bad for that. Sometimes, I ask him to get me this and that and he does. But I don't go too far. I know my limits. In my dream, he suddenly got mad when I said "Don't worry, I know this guy. He does whatever I say" WOW. I am so mean. It was right of him to get pissed. But that was really a shock :O


  1. When I was still in school, I used to be so busy during the day studying or working on my thesis; that I always dreamed about school stuff. Can't lie; I'm glad that's over... :)

  2. I envy you! I wanna get my schooling over with already.


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