Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seers like SEE ERS

I remember before that I read something about dreams. That the people you see in your dreams are people you've come across with in your lifetime. Though you are not aware in reality that you've seen this people. Even if you just passed by them, they can appear in your dreams. I believe this because this is what the researchers say. But, it's quite funny, my dream that is. In my dream, there is a family of seers. Meaning they can see the future. I can describe them pretty much since I remember what they look like. They were a family of five. Everyone had blonde hair. I spoke to the youngest girl in the family while the others were making their orders. It was not me who approached but her. Her hair was slightly long. She had a fringe which she kept clipped at the right side of her face. Her hair length was around her shoulders.I think her eyes were green. I do not know how I came to know that they were seers. She just went to me and we started talking. I asked her if she really was a seer. She said yes and I asked her that if she was, can she tell me what I'd be doing in 10 years, but I think I changed it to 15 years. She said that in 15 years, I would be handing over my job application to a famous animation company. I was really astonished. I mean, she just predicted this without hesitation. So I asked again "Where exactly am I at? Which country is the animation studio at?" Then she replied with a "Of course, at the country where I came from, England" So I take it that they were from there. Though they didn't have an English accent. It was more of a soft Irish accent, or maybe American.

Now, in reality I don't really forget much of the foreign people I come across with. I am so interested in foreigners. Especially this, a family with blonde hair. I mean, knowing myself I would probably observe them if I saw them. Usually you see foreigners at the mall or at the beach. Especially if it's summer. Even though I just passed them I can still remember since I like observing. So, the theory of the researchers where they say that people that you have never seen before appearing in your dreams are probably people you've passed by, I'm not too sure. But I still believe it. I mean, it must be that I have unconsciously seen this people around.

Also, there is another side to my dream so I'll continue with that later on. My mother had the same experience. Where she saw her 2nd husband in a dream before. Like when she was married to my dad, she used to dream about a man she's never seen before. She ignored that. Then my dad died and years later, mum found another man and believes that he was the guy that kept appearing in her dreams.

I'm quite astonished that the family was a family of seers. In my dream, they were quite precise with what they say and I immediately believed them.

The thing why the term "seers" appeared in my dream is probably because I watched Merlin the other day.


  1. That was really interesting. I'm always amazed by how much detail you can remember from your dreams.

  2. Hi Jane. Thanks. That's not the whole dream though. I haven't found enough time to blog about that dream. And the current dreams I've been having. Will post them soon :D


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