Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More dreams

After scrolling through Tumblr, I remembered a dream I had just before I had woken up. I've been avoiding McDonald's for about a year now. I made myself a promise never to have anything that came from McDonald's for 10 years. It's a test of determination. And now, I've dreamt of it. Apparently, my subconscious has been telling me to revert back to my ways. I actually ate a FRY in my dream. My sister was treating me. It's a thing for me to eat a fry or two whenever I order from fast foods. Oh my gosh! That fry tasted real. It was perfectly salty, it was golden brown, and mouthwatering. Ugh.

Then there's this other dream I had. I don't know from when but I dreamt it. My cousin got his girlfriend pregnant. And they're still not that legit because the girl hasn't told her parents yet. Talk about yikes. I was really scared for the both of them. I hope it doesn't happen in real life.

Mushroom people

I know, the title is weird. Don't think of it as something literal. It's just a title. I used that title because I've been dreaming about certain people lately. Those people keep popping in my dreams like mushrooms when I don't really have anything much to do with them. And the worst thing is, they are people I know in real life, some of them I'm pretty much acquainted with and some are just, people I see everyday.

I don't really need to go in detail with these dreams because the content are just a repeat of what I usually do from my everyday life. Like, going to school and stuff.


Monday, June 6, 2011


It's been a while since I last posted. I've been dreaming lately but it didn't seem important so I couldn't remember some. Some of them were just plain uninteresting and I couldn't bring myself to blog about it.

So, here's something that might catch your interest. Remember when I blogged about myself being able to "tell the future" or something along the lines through dreams? Some people don't believe in Psychics and stuff. But I do. I believe that everyone is capable of telling the future because our brains are just amazing. I myself have had lots of experiences when it comes to the matter.

The other day, I dreamt about Beetles. Philippine Beetles to be exact. They are called Salagubang here in the Philippines. I dreamt that my mum wanted lots and lots of beetles, which was really weird but there I was, trying to catch some. The problem is that the Salagubang is really scary. It kinda resembles a little cockroaches which I am terribly afraid of. But I still tried my best. In the end we all thought that we got nothing, but apparently, I caught one accidentally and gave it to my mum. Then I woke up.

Weirdly, my sister's suitor came to our house. I didn't know he was coming and we're not that close as I don't tend to befriend that sister's friends. I am more close to my other sister's friends. So my mum asked my sister if the guy brought her flowers and chocolates and she told my mum that instead of those, he brought a beetle. Weird, I know. She and my other sister was scared to death. The guy was obviously still a child. It was funny though. I actually just remembered my dream when my mum told me the story the same day when we were at the mall (with the suitor). My sister told me why I didn't tell her about my dream and I said that I only remembered when mum told me your story. That was weird. But in a funny way.

I had another dream. That was last night. I dreamt that my professor was finally teaching me how to oil paint and that some people (people I like) were there. I also dreamt that my friend Joshua, who apparently stabbed me at the back and went ahead and took the computer graphics class that we both failed, had the same professor that failed us in that class. In reality, he told me that his professor hasn't been coming to class ever since the first day. That was a few days ago and it just kinda randomly went into my dream. So, if we ARE still on the page of premonition, take that one as a warning for taking the class without me, Joshua.

Now, I want to tell him... but at the same time I don't. If I tell him, things might turn the other way around because that's what usually happens to me. When I tell someone, then it won't happen anymore. I don't want to tell him just for observation purposes. Just to see whether it would come true or not. So we'll see...