Monday, January 31, 2011

Ghosts AGAIN

It's been awhile. Last night I had a dream about ghosts. And in my dream, it was freaky as hell. My family went to the beach and stayed in a hotel. The place was creepy. The air was really dark and eerie. But we stayed there anyway. We only rented one room with three beds. One for mum and her husband and one for the other two and one for me and my best friend. Yes, she came. We went to the beach but my best friend and I went back to our room. We were lying down at the bed when I felt something weird. My best friend was on another bed, then she suddenly said "What's the deal with you? If you want to jump then by all means, jump!" With a really annoyed tone. I was wondering why she suddenly yelled that out when I suddenly felt as if someone was jumping on the bed that I was staying at. I looked at my best friend with a half scared-half confused expression. I immediately thought "ghost" I mean, why would it feel like someone was jumping up and down on the bed I was laying when nobody really was there? I looked up the ceiling and saw this sticker posted near the lighting. I can clearly remember it saying "Three sisters death" My best friend and I was freaking out. Then someone knocked on our door and it happened to be those people on the next room. They were, well, three sisters. The oldest sister was staying near the door, while the other two were the ones who knocked implying that someone jumped at their beds too and they were scared. We all ran away, leaving our things behind. The owner of the hotel didn't look confused. I think she already knew that it was going to happen. I mean, the hotel she was running looked really creepy, how would she not know? I told my family to leave the place. We all went back home but they were all laughing at me. They said I was going nuts and that ghosts didn't exist. My best friend and I kept insisting that it really happened. I wanted to get my things back but I didn't want to go back to that hotel. I asked for my things to be sent. Unfortunately, my family's and my best friend's things never made it. I tried calling the sisters too (the eldest sister, I think she's my upperclassman at uni) but no one was answering. I got pissed thinking that the ghosts are making me look stupid but then I realised, the ghosts could be the sisters that knocked on our door. Think about it, they were three sisters who knocked and said that the same thing happened to them. Creepy innit?

After that, I woke up. I felt a little scared while I was writing this entry. I keep remembering those scenes that were in the dream.

That aside, people around me, including me, have been dreaming about ME having something to do with babies. Remember that post about me dreaming about babies for three times and the last one was about me and my baby? my sister had the same dream. She said I had a baby. Then my mum told me that she had a bad dream about me. Not about a baby, but in her dream, she said I had a boyfriend and that I was raped. REALLY SCARY! I wish that doesn't happen.

It's weird to dream about ghosts.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is may sound weird and stalker-ish, but I dreamt of Ed Stockham. If you don't know him, check the link that's attached on his name. Okay, so onto the dream. In my dream, he was a visitor in this country. He was with someone else and I don't know who it was. He stayed at my place because we have this guest's room which my mum asked to make for my step-family. Strange enough, the two of us became close, too close, if you get what I mean. I won't go into the details since it's pretty weird for me to do so. He might accidentally read this and that might creep him out.

Okay, Ed Stockham and I are in no way close (in reality). He doesn't know me but I know him because I saw one of his animations for this person that I'm subscribed to in youtube. I was amazed by his animations (I'm an animation student after all) But what I was wondering about was that I dreamt of him when I haven't seen his youtube channel or his blog or whatever that may link to him, lately. I think the last time I saw him was last year. Anyway, my dream was sort of creepy in someway but I can't help that.

Because of my dream, I checked out his youtube account and I'm inspired again. :)

Sorry for having bad grammar in this blog post. I'm not myself today.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pests, modelling and babies.

I haven't been posting. I was actually gonna be posting about the first dream. I have it as a draft, but for some reason, there's something in me that couldn't post it. It was quite scary. It was like an occult or something. So I would just put that off for a while and talk about my other recent and decent dreams.

This week I dreamt about my pesky cousins from my mum's side. I don't really like them. Their hands are quick and they have a background of stealing from us. Just the sight of coins would make them want to steal it from us and hide the fact. They would even deny it. In my dream, a friend asked me to buy some candies and I found out that my cousins stole from it. They also stole my change, my sisters savings and other stuff. I was so pissed off. I was wondering why they were like that. I mean, their father is nothing like that, although I can't say I like him. I was so mad I tell you. I told the father but he attacked me. Good thing I was holding some metal stick and whacked him. Then the scene turned into a photo shoot. I realised being a model isn't so glamourous. You have to think of creative poses which I can't do. :\

Another dream from this week is that I have a baby. It's so weird. The baby was sort of olive skinned. Not a fair skin tone. And you know who the father is? well, I can't really mention his name but he's a classmate. He was fair-skinned, so was I. So I was wondering why our child became like that. It also happened that that bastard of a father, didn't support us. My mum told our neighbour that the baby is my niece (she's a girl). But I accidentally told them "Mum, give me back my baby" And mum gave me that look that says "I already told them she's your niece." But too bad I said "my baby" the neighbours were all fussing about how I'm just 18 and I have a baby already. Sheesh people.

This is the third time I dreamt of babies. The first one was, I was holding a baby that looked like me when I was a baby. I was going on about how cute she is because she looked like me. It wasn't stated in the dream whose baby it was. The next baby dream that I had was, mum and my step-dad had a baby. AKA my new half-sister. I was going on about having a new laptop and making a web video about me and my baby sister. Now I don't know about that dream, but somehow, it's sort of coming true. But I hope it doesn't. I have far too many siblings already. I don't want another one.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Three days

For three days straight, I had weird dreams. I will start off with the most recent (3rd dream) one because the 1st dream is really difficult to describe. I'll try making pictures of what was in it.

So, I had a dream last night and it was about me going home. It seems as though in this dream, I am living alone in a flat near my school. Yes, alone, not with my sister. So, it was stormy and it was already flooded outside. I decided to go back to my real home because I'm worried that the electricity would get cut off and apparently, there's some paranormal entity inside my room. So I took my leave and rode my motorbike which came from nowhere. It was really windy. I saw a van and the blew it. It was flying in the air. But instead of like, twirling and stuff, it just stood still as if it were floating. I was afraid that it might hit me. There was a traffic jam and I ended up going back to my apartment. Which is really just my bedroom in reality. It looked the same. But in that room, I was really scared of something. I didn't get to see it but I felt it. Some weird dream. I was worried that the van might hit me when it didn't occur to me that the wind blew the van but not me and my motorbike? I laugh.

Next one. I dreamt of puppies. Cute, little, chubby puppies. AWWWW. I love puppies. I was talking with my friend about Kittens and I asked for three since her cat gave birth to four. So in my dream, I decided to give her one puppy in exchange for the three kitties. (The kitties are in real life) I enjoyed that dream.

The first dream would be continued on another post with drawings...