Friday, November 12, 2010

The recent

So i've been dreaming lately, but sad enough I couldn't find time to write them up. I actually thought that blogging about my dreams was a bad idea but despite that, I'll still continue on. I couldn't remember much of my dreams, but that's pretty common. The only thing I remember was the one I had last night which was pretty long, but I can only clearly remember a certain part. Like the part where my dad is home and so is Dan (a cousin, uncle Stephen's grandson). Dad was interviewing Dan which was so awkward 'cause he's kinda like his grand nephew. Dan is only a year younger than I am. The whole relationship thing is complicated. He is my cousin's son. My cousin is already old that's why he is only 1 year younger. Anyway, my maternal cousin had this really bad dream. I can't really tell it here 'cause it really was horrible.

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