Monday, October 8, 2012

Lord Voldemort

Okay, so this one's still pretty normal, but it has elements that make me differentiate it from reality.

So in my dream, my sisters and I were grocery shopping. I was pretty aware that someone was after us. So we used the 'secret cashier' (yeah, they have one). But we forgot to buy something and I had to go back and get it. But Lord Voldemort was there. He was the one after me. But there's a funny twist.

Even though I was scared as fuck for my life, I was being chased by Voldemort who apparently, was singing and dancing broadway while chasing after me. He seemed happy. But I was scared for my life. I was avoiding places he's been going to. Then one time, I bumped into a die hard HP fan who's a friend of mine. And she suddenly blurted out "Hey Voldy!" And I was panicking so much 'cause I just know he's behind me already. But he wasn't and I ran fast and couldn't get that missing item we forgot.

I went back to my sisters and told them I couldn't get it and the youngest one said "It's okay, you already risked your life. Let's just buy that the next time."

Dafuq was that dream?