Friday, November 5, 2010

October 26 2010

My first entry in my journal.

I thought I didnt have a dream, but I remembered when I was about to take a nap at our living room.

I was a transfer student at an elite school. Everyone was nice and was questioning me where I'm from or why I transferred. There was an oral recitation then it switched to another channel (is how I describe it when the dream suddenly changes). I was at the dorms and a friend took me to fun places. But I got an order from a student boss that I should steal an important document. I see a laptop in the office, I think it's a macbook. I was really nervous but it seemed that I already did this secret agent thing. I go back to the house party not looking suspicious then I call a fellow agent to pick the important document up. It happened to be my friend Stephanie and although the document got crumpled and ruined, it was mission complete :>

Honestly, all I can say about this dream is... I obsess too much. During those times I was planning on buying a new laptop and I happened to have taken a liking to the mac book pro. But it was too expensive so I was thinking whether I should buy it or not. To tell the truth, If there's something bothering me or there's something I really want from the bottom of my heart or simply if it makes me curious and I can't do anything about it, they appear in my dreams. Sort of like giving the answers I've been wanting to know. I will post about this topic in another blog.

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