Friday, November 19, 2010

ninja mode and lovely pens

I didn't have a dream the other day. That or I just couldn't remember which is most of the case. But I'm sticking on the "no dream" side. So last night I had a wonderful dream involving creeping like a ninja, going to our neighbour's house which was in front and which turned into a nice mall (really handy) WITH skating rinks. So my dreams also involved ice skating. Then that lovely pen. Let's start with that. You know, there is this pen (in reality) that i've been looking for ever since I had the chance to use it. It was really nice. I know it was the cheap kind. I noticed that it's always around but I don't know where I could buy it. I see it when I go to the bank and when I write the value of my savings. The people in the counseling room at school has the pen. The person who made us evaluate our teachers lent me the same pen. I was wondering what the pen was. It was nice to use 'cause it's a ball point pen and it's really smooth to any kind of paper. Eventually, it made its way to my dream. We were at the mall (the neighbour's house) at the bookstore. My sister saw the pen and bought heaps. As in, the whole stock because it was really cheap. I wanted to do the same but they ran out because of my bloody old sister. So I went back home and it turned out that the route to home was weirdly fascinating. Before you could go anywhere near the bookstore, the places you have to go through was three ice skating rinks. It was funny because we were already walking in skating shoes. So we're all ready to skate if ever we want to go somewhere else. I can really feel the nervousness it gives me. Like, my balance suddenly shifts making me shift from left to right. I'm pretty good in ice skating in real life so maybe my skills applied in my dream. In the end, it was already dark but I still wanted to buy my pens. The other bookstore had them. So I crept like a ninja without the people knowing I went out. I mean, come on, it's in front of our house! My cousin seemed to have felt something so I hid myself among the leaves and plants in our garden. Man I felt like a thief. Then, my other sister went out to buy something late at night. I was thinking of how I would go back inside because I got out by squishing myself through the gates near our garden (which is why I was near it). The main gate were far on the right. When my other sister went out, I just gave up on the pens and crept back in without being seen. At the same time I arrived inside, my cousin went out (in the garage where I was in) and I just pretended that I went there to play with our dog. So no one found out of my ninja mode thing.

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