Thursday, February 10, 2011


So, as I have said earlier, mum keeps on appearing in my dreams. She comes back from another country all of a sudden and we all worry about the kitties that we're getting. Scary.

Aliens from Mars

So lately, I have been having weird dreams. It gets weirder as time pass by but I still enjoy them. A few days ago, I had a dream that I was on Mars. It started off with characters from this certain anime I have been watching, then she got into an accident. Then we saw this space-craft something floating above and were wondering whether they were from aliens or they were just there, floating. We happened to have seen one that was laying somewhere around our house. We went to my sister's room where the anime-girl was confined and there we saw, an ALIEN. Two of them. They showed up because the girl said that we could be trusted. Then we talked about Mars and all of a sudden, they took us there. Mars in my dream was like this urban place, with the streets not so full of cars or houses. They sky was reddish and it seemed that the people there are parallel to the people of Earth. Kinda like you have a twin somewhere in the universe and they are on Mars. Pretty cool. I dunno how J.K Rowling got there (the Martian form) and so was Fred and George. I wasn't watching or reading about anything HP related. But they were there. I had a problem with the money/currency changer guy and he made me look suspicious. I was pretty insistent on the fact that he's wrong. He's pretty easy to defeat. He was this sort of person that would appear to be tough just because he's huge but really, deep inside, when you snark at him, he would crumble. And so I snarked and he got a little terrified but kept his dignity. Good thing I was friends with Fred and George (now that I think about it, I think they were the two aliens that took me there) I was talking to them in silence then my sister entered my room and woke me up. The dream got ruined so I just imagined the rest of it. I enjoyed that dream.

BTW, my mum was also there. My mum is in another country right now and wouldn't be home for another 4 months, but she keeps appearing in my dreams. And I would always be worried 'cause we were planning on getting kitties and she hates those.