Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 in a row: Dream number 3

Third dream was a continuation of the second dream. But instead of the man and the kid. The characters changed into my original character named Alvin (as the substitute for the kid) and my sister's original character, Lei (as the villain). Alvin jumped outside where the car was. It was already dark. The gates were opened and there were people walking by our house. But they weren't curious enough to bother about our opened gates and seemingly eerie house. Alvin was creeping though the car, watching out for the villain. He hears noises coming from the inside. The villain said something like "They're not here. I give up." Then he used the other window that was facing the right hand side of the car and jumped from there. So the situation was like this. Alvin was hiding behind the left hand side of the car, while Lei, was at the other side. I think Lei noticed that there were noises coming from the left side and tried to check. Then Alvin walked and hid but Lei caught him. He ran near the gates to stop Alvin. Alvin was standing near our dog house. Lei had weapons with him but wasn't aware of what they could do. But Alvin seemed to know. "Why are you doing this?" Alvin asked. Like the typical protagonist he should be. "Why did you kidnap my friends and family?" What do you have against me?" He added. Lei chuckled but said nothing. Then Alvin went on with "Why are you so bad?" You see people, in my and my sister's stories, Lei and Alvin are really friends in real life. So this is something new to me. Plus, Lei isn't really a bad person. He's a jerk, but not bad. Alvin was normal. He's kind most of the time but he can get angry when the situation demands. Jut your normal average person. So back to the story. Lei says "I don't know, I guess I really am bad after all."

Alvin saw a loaf of bread and the car keys. Then he (I) remembered a dream that I had before. It was the same situation. Cillian Murphy was my villain and he was holding the car keys which was actually a weapon and stabbed me. So Alvin thought, "this is the same situation as before. I should grab those keys so that the same thing won't happen to me." In Lei's head, he knows that the bread was a weapon, but not the keys. Alvin quickly grabs the bread and then the keys. Then he throws the bread into the water so that it would sag and would be useless. Then he points the keys to Lei proclaiming that he should leave before he kills him. At this point, Lei realises that the keys was indeed a weapon. Then he runs for it. Suddenly, he changes into another character. My sister's character again but this time, it's a girl. And she was Saki. While she was running in the dark, she was yelling about the 11 hours of revenge. She was like "This is the 11 hours of revenge! 11 hours of revenge I tell you!"

Alvin was terrified and thought that they might come back after 11 hours. So he grabs anything he can and puts it inside the car, then drives away. I think he checked first if there was any tracking devices put under the car. But there wasn't and he makes his escape. Then there, I woke up. But this time, my feelings were twice the amount as it was 2 dreams ago. Then I decided that I should really wake up because it's already 3 pm and I had to go to the mall to do grocery shopping. It's all weird. This 3 in a row feeling of tiredness.

3 in a row: Dream number 2

The next dream was, I was in our house. I seem to be watching everything. It was very dark and gloomy inside our house. I think a kidnapping or murder happened. There was a little kid. I couldn't decipher if it was a boy or a girl. The "villain" was an adult man who was carrying a gun with him, and seemed to be looking for someone. Then he comes across this kid and the kid was saying "Help me, my friends are dying. I need to save them." Then the guy gave instructions to the kid saying that he should crack an egg open and mix the 6 little pebble-like things (I don't know what they were but they looked brown) and heat it up. Then feed them to his friends. He said that it would save them. The villain didn't know that the "friends" this kid was talking about, were the people he was looking for. He had nothing to do with the kid so he didn't do anything to him. All he was looking for were those 6 people. Then this kid went upstairs. So did the man but he didn't know that there was a secret passage. Like a stair that leads up, then another that goes down and leads you outside where the car was. The kid went there. I don't know what happened to the man because my dream was following the kid's route. He went to his friends. They were all crumpled up in one corner, looking terrible. Some were sweaty. Then the kid started thinking "This formula doesn't seem enough. What if I use 12 instead of 6 *pebble-thing*" But sadly, there were only 6. He started conjuring the formula and gave them to those 6 people. Yeah, I don't think he was friends with them. I think he just wanted to save them. Then he went to the stairs that lead outside. He opened the window and jumped down. Then I woke up again, the same thing happened to me. Same feeling. But this time, I was thinking whether I should go back to sleep or not because it already happened twice. It was around 11 am already when I woke up. Then slowly, I started falling asleep. Then another dream comes...

To be continued...

3 in a row: Dream number 1

Freakishly, I had 3 dreams last night and all made me intensely nervous. It was kinda weird. All the dreams had a number in it. I woke up feeling so scared ad tired when the dreams itself weren't scary in nature.

The first dream was about a normal girl who is friends with a prince and was invited to his welcoming party. Now, the prince and the girl didn't appear out of nowhere. Lately, I have been reading a manga about a prince and a girl so maybe I got the idea from there. The weird thing is, when we (I think I was representing the girl there, though everything was in anime form) got to the venue, there was no one there. I was wondering why the prince wasn't there. He was the one who invited me and my friends, how could he, of all people, not be there. Then my friends and I wandered a bit as we wanted to urinate. We saw this little house. Like a hut but made from bricks. My friend got to pee but when my turn came, each door in the "village" was shut close. I knocked at the door of the lady who kindly let my friend pee and asked why everything is this way. She took time to answer but when she opened the door, she looked terrified. I asked what the problem was and she replied with "In 9 seconds, everything will be destroyed." My friends got scared. I was wondering why but it kinda scared me a little as we were running out of time. 9 seconds is really short. Then out of nowhere, little animals who were thought to be poisonous appeared. As if it were raining with those animals. They started chasing us. I don't know how I got the knowledge that when the animal comes in contact with us, we die. It was just there but it's a dream so I guess that explains it... Then I woke up really nervous. I was terrified and in shock. I was breathing heavily. Then I started relaxing myself and started sleeping again...

To be continued...

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I just had the ickiest dream ever. My sister and my former professor which is also her professor right now, was, was, flirting and stuff. :I We were in Japan for some reason. Then the whole dream went to me and my best friend. We bought ice cream, but we forgot to pay. Then I realised that I haven't had my money changed to yen yet. We went to the changing machine but I experienced problems and there goes the whole dream. Revolving around me, trying to change my damn money into yen :\

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dad and realisations

Okay. I just read my previous post about my mum. And now, I kinda realise what the meaning is. In the end, we weren't gonna go for the kitties. This and that happened and we decided not to.

Last night I had a dream that my dad(rest in peace) was still alive. We said that we've been speaking with his brother and he said that he misses him. Then the topic about him being dead occurred. We said that someone told us that he was dead. But he said he was never dead. He just went to America with his boss and apparently got in trouble and couldn't go back to England or the Philippines for a long time.

We also told him that because someone told us 4 years ago that he died, mum re-married. This made him a little sad but after a while, he took us to the mall. There was this store painted in yellow. Kinda like Dandelion yellow (the colour). It was a gadget/clothes store. Dad told bought us ipads. The I saw some other ladies going to the fitting room. Actually, I don't think it's a fitting room. Because dad went there with my sisters after he paid for the ipads. Then I saw the owner (he was a guy) putting all the cash in his drawer and then took out a gun. He began shooting inside the "fitting room" I got scared because my dad was there. The thought of him dying was scary. I mean, he's already dead in real life. If you suddenly find out that he's alive, wouldn't you want to keep him that way. I started yelling at dad. Then the gunner saw me and began shooting at me. Luckily I evaded and ran to call for some guards. I was really terrified. I started thinking that dad and my sisters would probably be dead by the time I come back and there's no use. I thought that the man might look for me after killing everyone since I'm the only one who survived. I ran with all my might but then, I suddenly wake up.

I was really scared when I woke up. Minutes later, I remembered the prayer I made last night. I asked God for guidance because I'm recently losing my way and losing will to do what I really loved. Everything just seemed pointless and forced. So I asked him to show me the right path, then he shows me this? Really scary.

I did some searches about the meaning of seeing a gun or the symbols of a gun in a dream. And I saw this.

To see a gun in your dream, symbolizes aggression, anger, and potential danger. You may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence. Alternatively, a gun represents the penis and male sexual drive. Thus, the gun may mean power or impotence, depending on whether the gun went off or misfired.

To dream that you are loading a gun, forewarns that you should be careful in not letting your temper get out of control. If you dream that a gun fails to fire, indicates that you are feeling powerless in some waking situation. Perhaps you need to attack your problems from a different approach. Alternatively, a malfunctioning gun represents sexual impotence or fear of impotence.

To dream that you shoot a person with a gun, denotes your aggressive feeling and hidden anger toward that particular person.

To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun, suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You feel victimized in some situation.

Okay. My dream is definitely not about the male sex organ. I can relate to some of what is said here. Like the first one where it says something about authority and passiveness. Then the last part about me experiencing some confrontation. I can say that it's pretty much the last one. I did do some confrontation, and that's through my prayers. It's pretty much true that I am victimized by my problems these days.