Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad dream

Lots of us have experienced having bad dreams. It depends on how bad the dream is. Some aren't even bad once you think about it or tell others. It was just the dream experience itself that felt scary. I had a bad dream during my stay at the beach. Yes, I went to the beach this week. But ah, unfortunately nightmares still follow me despite me trying my best to have fun.

Onto the dream. Have I told you that I am on my Thesis year? If not then yes. If yes, then there you go. During my thesis defence, my classmates and I dread this one professor and didn't want him/her to be one of the panelists. He's gay which explains the "him/her" thing. Okay, this professor scares most of us. He's really true to his words. Really frank and will hurt your feelings if he has to. So what was my dream about? It was about thesis. Now, I'm already done with my thesis defence. But in this dream, that professor said that he wants us to have another thesis defence because he wasn't in the panel. He wants his own personal thesis defence with us and wants us to present everything in 3D. I was like "SHIT! I HAVEN'T EVEN COMPLETED MY ANIMATICS FROM MY THESIS DEFENCE BEFORE!" I was so terrified. Really, I didn't get to finish my animatics. The rest of my presentation was only roughs. And now he wants 3D? I don't have Maya software at home. I was so scared. When I woke up, I told myself "I might have just had the scariest dream in my life so far" It felt real.

So how was the beach? WONDERFUL! Here's a picture.

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