Monday, November 15, 2010

Ghostly love story

Okay, I don't know if i've posted this before already. But this guy Oliver made me remember this weird dream that I had before. It was about a girl who was afraid of ghosts and a guy who was already dead. Wait, I think I posted about this one before. Hmm, well if i had, my apologies. Here's how the story goes.

As far as I remember, I saw a girl who I represented. Of course, in most dreams, you get to feel what the main characters feel. So at first, the girl who was in her room was me. So there I was, about to sleep. My phone rings and I tried answering it. But to my surprise, the number was unknown. So I was wondering who it was. Finally, I clicked the answer button and you know what I heard? It was really weird. I can hear laughter echoing in the background and some background music that would most likely be in some paranormal movie and stuff like that. Then there was a guy that said hello. He said that he likes me and would like to meet. But he said he was already a ghost. In my dream I was afraid of ghosts right? (which was really weird, I'm not afraid of them, really) So I immediately turn my phone off and weep and whine, I tried to sleep. I also remember going to the bathroom to pee and you know what happened? The ghost was haunting me. When I finished peeing (pardon me) he flushed it for me. I was frightened. I was about to wash my face and he opened the faucet for me. Him haunting me really got me so scared that I didn't want to go to the bathroom in my dream.

Weirdly, the girl in my dream wasn't me anymore and I just turned into a mere spectator. I watched everything. The guy kept calling her and giving her notes that says "give me a chance." Wow, I remember that. So the girl tried, also for the sake of her overcoming her fear of ghosts. Eventually, she got used to him calling her and asking how her day was. The guy was already in love with the girl from the beginning. And from what he did, the girl fell in love as well. So they were in love, right? Next thing that happened was that the guy tried meeting up with the girl. But the girl won't be able to touch or see him so what he did was, he took over a visitor's body. Lucky for him they had a visitor who was staying for a few days. The girl immediately knew that it was the ghost who was inside the visitor's body. I don't know how, it must be love. Then she grabbed the guy, they were in the bathroom and they spoke a little about how they feel. It suddenly changed location. The girl was really happy. I saw a really beautiful place. There was this stadium-like thing at the middle of everything and there was a colourful mountain nearby. The ghost finally show's himself (his real face) to the girl and says that it's time for him to go to heaven. He said that he was really happy that he met the girl he loved and that she fell in love with him as well despite him being a ghost. It was really sad, the girl was crying as she sees her love go into the light. I woke up really sad. 'Cause you know, I can feel how they all felt because it was my dream.

I wonder why I keep dreaming about weird love stories? I don't know. Maybe because I haven't experienced being in a relationship yet (yes, I suck) that my dreams are making me experience them. Hmm, that sounds nice.

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