Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recent dreams

I've had dreams but I couldn't find the time to blog about them. Anyway, I don't think I can put them up here in full details because it's been days since I had those dreams.

One dream is about my sister having a boyfriend. Which is so disturbing because I think she's not the type who suddenly gets a boyfriend. We're kinda the same. We find sweet things really creepy sometimes. The whole incident on how she got a boyfriend is like this...

Boy: Hey you're my girlfriend, okay?
Sister: Me? Okay.

And that's their whole love story. Yes, I saw the guys face. I've been staring at him 'cause I wanted to see if he was good looking or not. He was okay...

I had this one day where I woke up with a pleasant feeling. I know I had a dream before this one. That was the day after I had the whole "sister-boyfriend" dream. At first, I didn't know why I felt pleasant. I just woke up like that. So i was wondering if I had any dream that might've given me those feelings. I couldn't remember a thing though. So there I was, eating my breakfast with my sister. Her telling me what her dream was and me pretending to listen. I was still trying to remember. I went back to my room and that was when I remembered. Although I remembered. I had this feeling of keeping it to myself. You know when you have such a really fun dream and you're so eager to tell someone. I didn't feel that way. Instead, I just kept it to myself. Though now I'm blogging about it.

So the dream. I remember bits. It started off with my two high school guy friends. It's been years since I last saw them. So maybe they showed up in dream form. I dont know. There, I was quite happy that we finally saw each other. Having this dream made me remember another dream about one of them. I bumped into him and I was surprised that he was near my area (he lives far away from me) then I said hi and he dissed me. The git. I was so mad. But back to my dream. Since it has been long, we hung out and stuff. Then the dream changed channels. It went to this "6 friends going out to have fun" We were all teenagers. I wasn't portraying myself but another person. She had dark short hair. Kinda cute. The characters look like they came from Japanese cartoon. They all arranged to go out and swim. Odd enough they decided to swim at a river-like pool somewhere. There was this bridge where you can jump. The others went in and took a dive. I was jealous but sort of hesitant but I still went for it. Sadly, I had an accident. Now, I don't remember ever bumping my head or something. Maybe the pressure from jumping from a high place made the "accident" happen. I dove and when I rose up, I was feeling blank. Staring blankly into thin air. I still think, but you know those hopeless thinking. At first I was pretty confused. A guy friend took me near the lower parts of the water. He called another guy which happened to be my lover. Or someone who loves me. He was crushed to see me like that. Later on, he was asking help from others, giving out fliers so that he can promote what he does (whatever that was) and earn. I just stared at him while he did all those things for me. I was beginning to come back to my senses. Thoughts like "This guy loves me this much?" came to my head. I didn't want him to be the only one doing the sacrifices so I tried my best to make myself better again. I tried walking. But apparently that made everyone worried and looked for me.

Then this weird ninja like scenario comes and someone sort of kidnaps me. The kidnapper/mastermind wanted ransom so he asked my lover for some money in exchange of me. My lover couldn't do anything but to do what the bad guy asked. He gave some challenges to my lover then in the end handed me to him. He was still worried that I might not heal anymore. I don't know how or why but, I just did. Must be the power of his love.

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