Saturday, December 24, 2011


WHOA WHOA WHOA! I just had a flashback of what I dreamt about last night. I was sure it was something mysterious. I never thought I'd remember such details. It was very clear. But then again, why was my dad there? Weird.

So basically, the dream was about me and my family members (plus maid) looking for my sister's bunnies. In the dream we had three but in reality we only have two. We were in this field like place. It was really grassy and the feel was eerie. Think olive green colour palette. Our maid let the bunnies out to roam around since they don't do that much at our house. But you know bunnies. They're cute and they run to places when excited. Our maid said that the bunnies ran away and were nowhere to be found. Then we panicked since (I don't know how) we had the knowledge that crocodiles and alligators were roaming around the grassy field. Since I can't put how the place looked like into words, I tried drawing it out, but it still looks crappy 'cause I'm not really in the mood to draw.
So yeah, we venture deeper into the place and find out that there are many more places or rooms beneath the grassy field. I can even remember a room where the lights were a little broken (flashing on and off) and there was this big doll with one broken eye. The room was really big but it was only a large space. There was nothing much in it which made it more creepy. I remember being afraid that we might get locked in if we don't hurry up and look for the bunnies.

Oh, before we went to the other places, we checked the pathway below the rock things. The maid said that she saw the rabbits run off there, and when we tried looking for them, we only saw a deer who was chewing something. We got scared that it might've eaten one of the rabbits. But then I thought that the deer was small so how could it fit the rabbit.

Onto venturing the whole 'dungeon'. It gets more and more swampy as time pass by. The air grows thicker and the lights grow dimmer and dimmer. Just across one of the doors of the big room was a stairway leading to a room. We went there only to find a man who depicted my father. I thought it was weird for someone to be living in that place. He was all alone. There was an old computer on a desk and behind his chair was a cupboard full of canned goods. I think some were only cans. I asked if he had a torch and he did. He also went with us through the journey. I knew the dungeon was a big place but it felt like we've already been to every room and every corner there is. Until we went to this place which opens to another place. The only thing is that there are crocodiles swimming around. Short ones but fat. And they really looked evil. It was scary.

At first I really wanted to go through and just jump on top of them (it's possible in a dream) 'cause I really really wanted to find our rabbits. But then I think I lost hope. Thinking about it, the place is full of wandering crocs. Who knows where the rabbits have gone and it's possible they were eaten, judging from how we saw a deer chewing something we didn't know. So we all gave up and went back.

I'm sorry, rabbits of my dreamland. I sorry you had to appear in such a spooky dream. But I'm glad they're still alive in reality. It was kind of weird to me 'cause before I slept, I wished for my dad to appear in my dreams so that I can talk to him 'cause it's been a while. I've been wishing for him to do so for days but it only comes as close as 'almost there'. I want to talk to him.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The cream dream

The other day, I dreamt that I was making whipped cream. I don't know what that was supposed to mean. I was just making whipped cream and it wasn't easy. I was doing it manually. I found that weird. Then I think I remembered about kittens. My mum was against us having kitties but there were about 7 of them and I was worried that they might not survive if I don't take care of them. I remember some kittens actually. 2 of them where grey and striped. 1 was yellow. I think 1 was white. I can't remember the rest.