Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Okay, so weird enough that I've been dreaming consecutively. And they've been about the weirdest things. So, what's up with the title? Well, I chose croc because my dream was mainly about having one. But I can remember that I had another dream other than that, but the croc thing was so powerful and terrifying that that's what got stuck to my mind. But I know that I remembered the other dream while I was sitting at my couch a while ago, I just need to remember again.

On to the crocs. For some reason, I went to a lower batch's house. I don't know who though. I only know two lower batch people and I don't think it was their house. It was really HUGE. It was like a mansion or something. They had a pool which was nice. That day was pretty fine. The next day is where the dream became interesting. So I was waiting for my sister to finish, and she said that I should go on because she had to stay at her classmate's house, which was that really big mansion. So I'm guessing it was a fourth batch's house instead of the third batch (the one where I only know two people). For some reason, I didn't go back alone because, I dunno, maybe it was too dark to go home by myself. So I called her and asked her where her classmate's home was. I was surprised that it was the house I went to the other day. So I already knew where to go to and stuff. I checked the pool and I saw this really gi-normous crocodile. I thought "They had a pet crocodile? He wasn't here yesterday..." The croc was really weird. It's like it had a mind of its own and he can like, think and speak. Well he didn't really speak, but it was my dream so I knew what he was thinking. The curious idiot that I was, I went to the area where the croc was thinking that it wouldn't be able to get out from where he was, but HE DID! I was terrified that he started moving away from his "pool cage" I backed away, and he started chasing me. I was thinking, yeah, crocodile, tiny legs, he wouldn't be able to chase me so fast, he needs to crawl faster to do so, but to my surprise that crocodile was really fast. I knew he had that "You think I can't chase you, huh?" thought in his head. I started running and he chased me, he was so fast I was panicking already. Then there was a dead end and the croc looked really happy because he can finally catch and eat me. I was getting more nervous but I acted brave and jumped over his body to the other direction so that I can get out. I ran again and he still chased me ever so fast. There was a moment where he almost captured me but I pushed his head away. Wow, I'm brave. Then I ran inside the house and went to where my sister and her classmates were and warned them that there was a croc. Unluckily, her room was just in front of the pool. Kinda like her balcony or whatever. The croc found it's way inside the room with a "I'm gonna get you" look on his face. Try to imagine everything. It's really scary. He had us in a trap. Really. I was so terrified but you know what? It changed channels :\

It changed to how my maternal cousins were at our house and all of my aunts children were there. She really had a ton of kids, which I really really hate. Ugh, the thrill from the croc dream turned into something bitter. :\ I was so pissed that they were at my house using the new bed my mum bought for our newly renovated guest room. I hate it. Those pesky kids are ruining the nice bed. And so I woke up. I hope they don't visit :\

I just remembered a part of my dream while I was eating. Our community service kids were gone/sent away to another place. And I was so sad since I planned on having P.E with them. Sucked. I hope it doesn't happen. Before I had a dream about them and it came true. :\

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