Friday, November 5, 2010

My dream-friend

Since I'm newly posting, why not talk about this friend I have that keeps on popping up in my dream. Well he doesn't really appear much. He only appeared in my dreams twice. His name is Adie. The first time I met him was before I was about to enter college. I think he appeared because I was pretty nervous about the fact that I'm going t college and will meet new people and be busy and stuff. I met him in our main building's hall or something. I was sitting somewhere near the stairs and he just popped up and said hi to me. Funny, 'cause in my dream, it seemed like we already knew each other before. I've never met or seen this guy before. But I can describe him only in limited ways. Well for starters, he is not very tall. I'm a tall girl, I stand 5'9", I think. He has an English accent so I'm guessing he's a foreign exchange student or he lived in England before he started college here. He's a pretty cheerful guy. His hair is quite spiky. It's weird that I always see him in the main building in my dreams. I don't even go there much. I go to the Arts and Design building since I'm studying animation. So there we go, Adie. The second time I saw him in a dream, we asked how we've been and stuff. Like how's studying going for him? Before, I was really curious why his name is Adie, it seemed kinda girly to me. Then he said that it was short for Adolf. He doesn't seem to like his name so he shortened it. He also introduced me to a guy, I think he's Hungarian or something. I can't recall his name much but I think it was Steve. He kept on insisting that I am his soulmate. Quite nice.

I haven't seen Adie in a long time. I think he only appears when I'm bummed about school. Like a comfort zone or something. I hope Adie appears in one of my dreams again someday.

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