Saturday, November 6, 2010

Curiousity and such goes inside my dream

A while ago (yes, just a while ago) I posted about how things in real life sometimes goes inside my dreams. What do I mean about this you ask? Well, there are things in life that makes me curious and stuff. Sometimes they really bother me to the extent that they appear inside my dreams. Also, if I really want something from the bottom of my heart, and I'm sort of bothered about that thing I want, they appear in my dreams. I can give examples.

Like the other dream I had about the secret agent thing. Those were the days where I longed for a macbook and for some odd reason, it keeps appearing in my dreams in it's own little ways. Was it a sign that I'm supposed to buy one. Well I took it as one. And I did manage to buy me a mac book pro. Thanks to my lovely mum who funded everything (don't worry, everything will go back to you).

Another example that I can remember is when my cousin slept at our living room for a few days. It started when my other cousin(a guy, the one who slept was a girl) arrived at home and started sleeping in her room according to what I know. My girl cousin slept at the living room since then. It bothered me that she slept there. First of all, I don't really like the idea of her sleeping there. I know it's really soft and cozy there but come on woman, there's a perfect big and nice room for you upstairs, go and sleep there. But she didn't. It kept going for a few days and it bothered me a lot. To the point where I was already thinking things like, is my guy cousin doing something to her that she feels uncomfortable about or what the hell is up with her brain. I don't know why I wouldn't ask her though. I mean, I'm pretty frank especially if I know the person too well and if I know that she would get pissed off. But somehow, I felt that she might find it rude if I asked her. So there I was, every freaking day sitting in our dining table which is located just in front of our second living room. Staring at her while she sleeps. But I couldn't bloody ask her.

Then one night, I started having dreams of her sleeping at our living room and me asking for the reason. For some bloody reason, when she's about to give the reason (okay I said that word too much), the dream gets cut off. I hate it. So every other night, I would dream about her since I'm still bothered about it. But it kept on going on like that so I got tired of it and asked her in real life. And finally, I get the answer I've been looking for in my dream. She said that she likes the soft couch and that she can wake up really early when she's there. Thus not making her late for school. I thought it was rational. But then it still kept on going and eventually, I got pissed off. I don't want her to sleep there after all. So does my mother. Because the couch gets ruined and flattened. That's a really nice couch you know. A friend of mine even said that she wanted to take my couch home.

Is this post getting long? Another example is, I heard from my college friends that I certain guy, who happens to be our classmate as well, cried during their thesis subject. My friend said that she saw them (other guys) having a sort of confrontation thing with our professor. And he cried. I was bothered again and asked him if he was okay. He said he would tell me the reason at school if he sees me. I saw him but we forgot about the topic. Eventually reality continued to dreams again and there I was, at their classroom, asking why he cried. When he was about to give the reason, our professor suddenly cuts the conversation of telling them to do their jobs. UGH. Up until now, I don't know the REAL reason. I have heard of some stories about it but I want to know what happened. Sometimes I feel so ignorant when it comes to what's going on in our batch (we only have one section in animation in our batch. we're the only second batch people). It's nice to be ignorant, it keeps us happy, but still.

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