Friday, April 8, 2011

Elementary school

What's up dreamers? Me, nothing much, except that I just had a dream lately and it's been ages since I last posted.

To start off, my dream is about my elementary school. It wasn't supposed to be weird or anything, but dreaming about it for the second time, has been kinda, mind bugging.

My dream was like this. I was in my elementary school and there was a class or something. It wasn't a gathering because the students are mostly from college. I remember the classroom well. It was my 2nd and 3rd grade classroom, the one in front of the computer room which is beside the staircase. The boy's bathroom was beside my classroom and the girl's bathroom was in front of it. Which is beside the computer room. Wow, I still remember.

So, we were in a class. It was kind of a self-study moment as there wasn't any lecture going on. As I've said, most people there are from college or just random people I've never met in my life. I felt like peeing, so I excused myself. I went to the little girl's room. Oddly, this is the second time I've had a dream that involved that corridor. I was worried that over the years, the school's bathroom might not have been taken care of properly, and in my dream, it wasn't. Most of the toilets were very dirty, to the point that I don't want to sit while I pee anymore. I just stood. It was the same with my first dream about my elementary school. Except that, the toilet cubicle I was using was the one diagonal to the one that I was using in this dream. My college friend also went inside to pee. She called me to check if I was there. And I answered. I finished peeing and told her that I will go. As I left, my high school friends, who happen to be boys, were in front of the boys bathroom. I said "hey long time no see!" The smiled and waved at me. There were three of them there that I knew. But in reality, I only have two close guy friends back in high school. So who was the other one?

I went back to the classroom and asked what had happened when I was away. A guy (who I happen to see a lot in college) said that there was nothing much. I had this feeling of dissatisfaction when I left the bathroom. I already finished peeing but I still felt like I haven't peed yet. Like, there's still more left, but there isn't anything coming out anymore before I left.

Then I woke up. I felt like peeing. It was your normal pee after waking up moment. No wonder I felt like still peeing after I already had in my dream. It's because in reality, I haven't done it yet.

Then thoughts like, "wow, another dream about the school" and "Who the fuck is that other guy I said hi to?" cam about in my head. The school's mood seemed a little dark. But I thought that it's almost the same in every dream I had. Though the darkness wasn't just grey or something. It was green. A very dull green. I also saw some white tones in it.

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