Friday, April 15, 2011

Reading within a dream

Okay, so I have been reading about dreams and lucid dreams. Then I saw something about "purportedly reading in lucid dreams is often difficult or impossible"

I was thinking that it's not really impossible. Difficult at times, but I've had several dreams wherein I was reading something. Like in a dream I recently had about my cousin leaving our house. Before she left, she went to my room to say her goodbyes (she left pretty early so I was still asleep) then I told her to take care. Then this continued in dream form where I saw that she gave me something (a burrito in a stick as far as I remember). I only chuckled at her weirdness that time. But I let it pass because she is kinda weird. Then I went downstairs after waking up, ate my burrito and saw something in a wall that looked like a message. It was written in very big fonts. It was very difficult for me to read the words. I even repeated it twice or thrice. My problem is that when I woke up (in reality) I had a hard time remembering what she wrote. That is what I find most difficult of all. Reading is actually fairly easy, but remembering after waking up is hard. I also dreamt of certain numbers before. This was because I craved for my crush's number but I didn't want to ask him because that would be too obvious and we actually went to different schools.

I guess, too much thinking about getting his number has lead me to dream about it. I dreamt of too many numbers a lot of times. This was on different days. Despite me reading and remembering the numbers in my dreams, the moment I woke up, I can only remember 2 or 3. So I took this as a "one by one" process of getting his number. Each time I dreamt of numbers, I write down what I can remember and voila! Then again, I never reached the 11 digits that composed of the number. So in the end, I never got it. Years later, when I was already in college, I went to the mall and ordered some food in Mcdonald's. I saw my former (the same person) crush and it happened that he asked my number. I got his so there, dream come true. It's just that, I didn't have a thing for him anymore that time so it wasn't much help. Lol.

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