Sunday, April 10, 2011


When our mum left, she hired someone we trust enough to be our driver. Now, of course, he is only human. Sometimes, his actions irritate me, but because he's just human I just let it slip. This wasn't very smart of me to do so. But you know, I don't want to hurt his feelings as sometimes I go overboard with this stuff.

And thus, all those feelings kept inside me, appeared in a dream. It's always like this for me. If there's something that bothers me and for some reason, I can't say it out loud, it appears in my dreams to haunt me forever.

And so, my dream. It seems that our driver had gone overboard with the things that he's been doing. To the point that he follows us, or stalks us, or tells us what to do. I didn't like it. It irritated me too much. But still, in my dream I didn't burst out on him. That's heartless of me if I did.

That's about it. There were some other dream but I still need to recall everything. I can only recall winning a contest and the price was this awesome "branded" bag that transforms into a luggage. It was actually pretty.

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