Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 in a row: Dream number 3

Third dream was a continuation of the second dream. But instead of the man and the kid. The characters changed into my original character named Alvin (as the substitute for the kid) and my sister's original character, Lei (as the villain). Alvin jumped outside where the car was. It was already dark. The gates were opened and there were people walking by our house. But they weren't curious enough to bother about our opened gates and seemingly eerie house. Alvin was creeping though the car, watching out for the villain. He hears noises coming from the inside. The villain said something like "They're not here. I give up." Then he used the other window that was facing the right hand side of the car and jumped from there. So the situation was like this. Alvin was hiding behind the left hand side of the car, while Lei, was at the other side. I think Lei noticed that there were noises coming from the left side and tried to check. Then Alvin walked and hid but Lei caught him. He ran near the gates to stop Alvin. Alvin was standing near our dog house. Lei had weapons with him but wasn't aware of what they could do. But Alvin seemed to know. "Why are you doing this?" Alvin asked. Like the typical protagonist he should be. "Why did you kidnap my friends and family?" What do you have against me?" He added. Lei chuckled but said nothing. Then Alvin went on with "Why are you so bad?" You see people, in my and my sister's stories, Lei and Alvin are really friends in real life. So this is something new to me. Plus, Lei isn't really a bad person. He's a jerk, but not bad. Alvin was normal. He's kind most of the time but he can get angry when the situation demands. Jut your normal average person. So back to the story. Lei says "I don't know, I guess I really am bad after all."

Alvin saw a loaf of bread and the car keys. Then he (I) remembered a dream that I had before. It was the same situation. Cillian Murphy was my villain and he was holding the car keys which was actually a weapon and stabbed me. So Alvin thought, "this is the same situation as before. I should grab those keys so that the same thing won't happen to me." In Lei's head, he knows that the bread was a weapon, but not the keys. Alvin quickly grabs the bread and then the keys. Then he throws the bread into the water so that it would sag and would be useless. Then he points the keys to Lei proclaiming that he should leave before he kills him. At this point, Lei realises that the keys was indeed a weapon. Then he runs for it. Suddenly, he changes into another character. My sister's character again but this time, it's a girl. And she was Saki. While she was running in the dark, she was yelling about the 11 hours of revenge. She was like "This is the 11 hours of revenge! 11 hours of revenge I tell you!"

Alvin was terrified and thought that they might come back after 11 hours. So he grabs anything he can and puts it inside the car, then drives away. I think he checked first if there was any tracking devices put under the car. But there wasn't and he makes his escape. Then there, I woke up. But this time, my feelings were twice the amount as it was 2 dreams ago. Then I decided that I should really wake up because it's already 3 pm and I had to go to the mall to do grocery shopping. It's all weird. This 3 in a row feeling of tiredness.

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