Monday, January 3, 2011

Three days

For three days straight, I had weird dreams. I will start off with the most recent (3rd dream) one because the 1st dream is really difficult to describe. I'll try making pictures of what was in it.

So, I had a dream last night and it was about me going home. It seems as though in this dream, I am living alone in a flat near my school. Yes, alone, not with my sister. So, it was stormy and it was already flooded outside. I decided to go back to my real home because I'm worried that the electricity would get cut off and apparently, there's some paranormal entity inside my room. So I took my leave and rode my motorbike which came from nowhere. It was really windy. I saw a van and the blew it. It was flying in the air. But instead of like, twirling and stuff, it just stood still as if it were floating. I was afraid that it might hit me. There was a traffic jam and I ended up going back to my apartment. Which is really just my bedroom in reality. It looked the same. But in that room, I was really scared of something. I didn't get to see it but I felt it. Some weird dream. I was worried that the van might hit me when it didn't occur to me that the wind blew the van but not me and my motorbike? I laugh.

Next one. I dreamt of puppies. Cute, little, chubby puppies. AWWWW. I love puppies. I was talking with my friend about Kittens and I asked for three since her cat gave birth to four. So in my dream, I decided to give her one puppy in exchange for the three kitties. (The kitties are in real life) I enjoyed that dream.

The first dream would be continued on another post with drawings...

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