Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 in a row: Dream number 1

Freakishly, I had 3 dreams last night and all made me intensely nervous. It was kinda weird. All the dreams had a number in it. I woke up feeling so scared ad tired when the dreams itself weren't scary in nature.

The first dream was about a normal girl who is friends with a prince and was invited to his welcoming party. Now, the prince and the girl didn't appear out of nowhere. Lately, I have been reading a manga about a prince and a girl so maybe I got the idea from there. The weird thing is, when we (I think I was representing the girl there, though everything was in anime form) got to the venue, there was no one there. I was wondering why the prince wasn't there. He was the one who invited me and my friends, how could he, of all people, not be there. Then my friends and I wandered a bit as we wanted to urinate. We saw this little house. Like a hut but made from bricks. My friend got to pee but when my turn came, each door in the "village" was shut close. I knocked at the door of the lady who kindly let my friend pee and asked why everything is this way. She took time to answer but when she opened the door, she looked terrified. I asked what the problem was and she replied with "In 9 seconds, everything will be destroyed." My friends got scared. I was wondering why but it kinda scared me a little as we were running out of time. 9 seconds is really short. Then out of nowhere, little animals who were thought to be poisonous appeared. As if it were raining with those animals. They started chasing us. I don't know how I got the knowledge that when the animal comes in contact with us, we die. It was just there but it's a dream so I guess that explains it... Then I woke up really nervous. I was terrified and in shock. I was breathing heavily. Then I started relaxing myself and started sleeping again...

To be continued...

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