Monday, January 31, 2011

Ghosts AGAIN

It's been awhile. Last night I had a dream about ghosts. And in my dream, it was freaky as hell. My family went to the beach and stayed in a hotel. The place was creepy. The air was really dark and eerie. But we stayed there anyway. We only rented one room with three beds. One for mum and her husband and one for the other two and one for me and my best friend. Yes, she came. We went to the beach but my best friend and I went back to our room. We were lying down at the bed when I felt something weird. My best friend was on another bed, then she suddenly said "What's the deal with you? If you want to jump then by all means, jump!" With a really annoyed tone. I was wondering why she suddenly yelled that out when I suddenly felt as if someone was jumping on the bed that I was staying at. I looked at my best friend with a half scared-half confused expression. I immediately thought "ghost" I mean, why would it feel like someone was jumping up and down on the bed I was laying when nobody really was there? I looked up the ceiling and saw this sticker posted near the lighting. I can clearly remember it saying "Three sisters death" My best friend and I was freaking out. Then someone knocked on our door and it happened to be those people on the next room. They were, well, three sisters. The oldest sister was staying near the door, while the other two were the ones who knocked implying that someone jumped at their beds too and they were scared. We all ran away, leaving our things behind. The owner of the hotel didn't look confused. I think she already knew that it was going to happen. I mean, the hotel she was running looked really creepy, how would she not know? I told my family to leave the place. We all went back home but they were all laughing at me. They said I was going nuts and that ghosts didn't exist. My best friend and I kept insisting that it really happened. I wanted to get my things back but I didn't want to go back to that hotel. I asked for my things to be sent. Unfortunately, my family's and my best friend's things never made it. I tried calling the sisters too (the eldest sister, I think she's my upperclassman at uni) but no one was answering. I got pissed thinking that the ghosts are making me look stupid but then I realised, the ghosts could be the sisters that knocked on our door. Think about it, they were three sisters who knocked and said that the same thing happened to them. Creepy innit?

After that, I woke up. I felt a little scared while I was writing this entry. I keep remembering those scenes that were in the dream.

That aside, people around me, including me, have been dreaming about ME having something to do with babies. Remember that post about me dreaming about babies for three times and the last one was about me and my baby? my sister had the same dream. She said I had a baby. Then my mum told me that she had a bad dream about me. Not about a baby, but in her dream, she said I had a boyfriend and that I was raped. REALLY SCARY! I wish that doesn't happen.

It's weird to dream about ghosts.

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