Friday, January 14, 2011

Pests, modelling and babies.

I haven't been posting. I was actually gonna be posting about the first dream. I have it as a draft, but for some reason, there's something in me that couldn't post it. It was quite scary. It was like an occult or something. So I would just put that off for a while and talk about my other recent and decent dreams.

This week I dreamt about my pesky cousins from my mum's side. I don't really like them. Their hands are quick and they have a background of stealing from us. Just the sight of coins would make them want to steal it from us and hide the fact. They would even deny it. In my dream, a friend asked me to buy some candies and I found out that my cousins stole from it. They also stole my change, my sisters savings and other stuff. I was so pissed off. I was wondering why they were like that. I mean, their father is nothing like that, although I can't say I like him. I was so mad I tell you. I told the father but he attacked me. Good thing I was holding some metal stick and whacked him. Then the scene turned into a photo shoot. I realised being a model isn't so glamourous. You have to think of creative poses which I can't do. :\

Another dream from this week is that I have a baby. It's so weird. The baby was sort of olive skinned. Not a fair skin tone. And you know who the father is? well, I can't really mention his name but he's a classmate. He was fair-skinned, so was I. So I was wondering why our child became like that. It also happened that that bastard of a father, didn't support us. My mum told our neighbour that the baby is my niece (she's a girl). But I accidentally told them "Mum, give me back my baby" And mum gave me that look that says "I already told them she's your niece." But too bad I said "my baby" the neighbours were all fussing about how I'm just 18 and I have a baby already. Sheesh people.

This is the third time I dreamt of babies. The first one was, I was holding a baby that looked like me when I was a baby. I was going on about how cute she is because she looked like me. It wasn't stated in the dream whose baby it was. The next baby dream that I had was, mum and my step-dad had a baby. AKA my new half-sister. I was going on about having a new laptop and making a web video about me and my baby sister. Now I don't know about that dream, but somehow, it's sort of coming true. But I hope it doesn't. I have far too many siblings already. I don't want another one.

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