Saturday, March 17, 2012

a sort of lucid dream

Hello fellow dreamers! Today I will talk about a dream I had 2 days ago. I think I sort of lucid dreamt. "Sort of" 'cause I'm not too sure and I only controlled the dream a little bit.

2 days ago, at around 12 in the afternoon, I was still sleeping. Actually, I already woke up and I forced myself to sleep again 'cause I wanted to sleep more. I started imagining stuff so that I would quickly fall asleep (as I always do). I realised I was already half-asleep and the things I was imagining were being incorporated in my dream already.

I was thinking about, here it comes, Cillian Murphy. HAHAHA! I remembered him. At first I was thinking like this... "Oh, Cillian is here. And we're on a plane. And then he pulls out his gun. Oh shit, we're in an reenactment of his movie 'Red eye'" and I totally gave myself a nightmare. I can't explain in perfectly but it was sort of like I was suggesting all the things that were happening. I was really scared to the point that I was telling myself to wake up already (the movie was terrifying) and when I did, I was in panic and was really frustrated.

I think it's worthy of being called a lucid dream, right? No? Well fuck you! I still believe I controlled my dream in some level. Speaking of Lucid dreams, although it sounds awesome to control your dream doesn't it? But I think the process of it all is quite scary. I can't say 'cause I don't have much knowledge about lucid dreaming and how it is done. But I do know that when we dream, we are in a state of sleep paralysis. And sleep paralysis is no joke 'cause I ALWAYS suffer from sleep paralysis. Okay, not always, but there have been many numbers of time where I did.

Sleep paralysis ain't funny. It's scary. You can't move, sometimes you can't breathe (which is always the case with me), you hallucinate like fuck and it's serious business. The first time I experienced this was back in 2007. I was in high school and I thought I was going to die in my sleep. I was super terrified that I couldn't sleep anymore. It ruined me but I'm still sane.

Okay, the post has gone off topic and has turned really long. Good bye!

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