Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's been a while. I've had tons of dreams during the months that I haven't been posting. It wasn't too important for me to blog about it. I know I promised to blog about dreams whether they are important or not. But I wasn't really at the mood.

So off to my recent dream. My dream last night was sort of confusing. It was a mix of different elements that are applied to my daily life. I want to tell the whole story, really, but it's a hassle and you won't relate to the first story anyway. So I'll just tell you the weird part of my dream.

I was forced to eat/taste a dish that is made of alien tongue. I know, it's weird. I was watching Dr. Who last night, okay? I think somehow the sci-fi genre got into my head. I don't know how the dream started. I was just there, with my sister. I'm not sure whether it was a restaurant or a meeting place. But we were sort of served that dish as a form of welcome.

I can remember the looks of the dish. The thing wrapping the tongue was blue-greenish in colour. Then the tongue itself was chocolate-brown in colour. It was like beef actually. The thought that it was tongue didn't really dawn on me until those "alien-y people" told us. They suddenly said "This is our famous dish. The "akfjfdj" (can't remember the alien race) tongue" and then my sister and I looked at each other. But we tasted anyway. It was a dream so obviously, it could taste anything. It was actually tasteless. So to me, it wasn't that bad. But I'm never eating that again.

I actually told myself "I can't believe I tasted tongue. Alien tongue." Never again. Even if it's in dream form, I would never taste tongue. Ever. You hear me?

So that's the end of my dream.

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