Saturday, May 14, 2011

unknown man

I dreamt of a man. A old man. He was wearing torn, dirty clothes and looked like a beggar. His hair was really dark and was about shoulder length. It was greasy, as if he's never had a bath for ages. He was thin and his skin was dark with dirt in it. I've never seen this man before. He's no ordinary man. He has Godly powers.

He was walking back and forth in front of our gates and I noticed him. He looked suspicious so I kept an eye on him. Next thing I know is he's inside our house. Standing by the gates. I asked him who he was and he replied with a "You'll know soon enough" So I just stood there wondering. Then next scene was that he is already inside our living room. I was shocked and wondered who let him in. Then my mother came out of her room and said "Oh hey, how are you? It's been a while." I asked her how and why she knows him and she just said "He's someone I know from the past." I asked her who he was and my mum said "Don't worry, you'll know soon." So I kept wondering. I was thinking that it was too suspicious why they know each other and none of them wanted to tell me who the man was. Amidst the wondering, I've realised that the man wasn't ordinary. He has powers. He performed magic and it caught my attention. I was so amazed. Without a doubt I immediately thought that he's God. Or something. I dunno how I came to that conclusion in my dream but I was positive he was God.

The next scene is that he's sitting at the step of the stairs leading inside our house. He asked for some water and I said "sure" But my maid told me not to because we don't know him. I told my maid that it's okay since mum knows him and he's thirsty. The water dispenser was close to the door so I went and got him water. During this time, tiny details like the glass I used was easy to spot. The glass was that octagon shaped glass we had. I remember making sure that he drinks the nicest, tastiest and coldest water he's ever had. I gave him the glass of water but upon giving it to him, his hand slipped and the glass broke. I said "oh no, that's such a waste. And the glass broke too." Then he said to me "It's okay." And put his right hand over the broken glass. I knew he was going to use his powers to fix the glass, but it took quite a while and I told him that it must be because I was staring while he's doing it. Then he said "Don't worry, it'll be fixed in no time." And it was. With water in it. Made me a little happy that he could drink now.

The next scene. He was sitting next to our other door. The one where the rabbits are usually placed. And he asked if we had any spare shoes because he said his feet is sore from all the walking he's been doing. I ran to our shoe closet and grabbed an old pair of shoes I had. I gave it to him but it didn't fit. His feet were really big and wide. Really wide. But I thought that it must be because he's a man. I told him to try folding the end of the shoe and make it into a slipper-like thing. Then I ran over to the shoe closet and looked for some old pair of shoes that my cousin used to wear. But there was none. Actually, to be honest, there was a pair of shoes that was big, but that was dad's. I only remembered now. I couldn't give it to him because I was still holding onto his memory. So I ran back to him and said, there aren't any shoes that fit you, that's the only one I've got. Then he said that my old pair of shoes was fine since he was desperate. And then, like usual, another dream came.

It was of the same setting. Actually, this dream came before this mysterious man. There were two pregnant women. One already gave birth and I don't know her. And the other, my former classmate in one subject, about to give birth. It seems that the woman I don't know had something to do with one of our family friends Because my God-mother's son was there sitting at our garage. I let him in and told him to eat up 'cause he's waiting for his parents to pick him up. Minutes later, they came and said that I shouldn't have bothered. But I said that it was my pleasure since we know each other. And there came the mysterious man.

Through-out my dream, I felt like the unknown man was trustworthy. It wasn't like some other dream where he's kind to you and then after all your kindness, he tricks you and turns out to be evil. No, it wasn't like that at all. It was really peaceful. In the end, he never did say who he was. But I'll keep that "You'll know soon enough" bit both him and mum told me.

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