Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey! It's been yet another long while. How are you? I haven't been posting but it's not because I haven't been dreaming. It's more like, I totally forgot about my dream blog. Hahaha! And it's cause my dreams have been normal lately. And let's talk about that, shall we?

I find it rather creepy that my dreams are becoming normal. Too normal. The contents of my dreams are just everyday stuff I've been doing for the past months. Nothing crazy. The craziest would probably be me, going to another country and that's that. It creeps me out 'cause as time pass, I completely can't tell anymore whether I'm dreaming or not (not that I can tell). Let me go deeper. To me, dreaming something crazy means that I wouldn't mix in those dreams with a memory in reality.

For example, I would dream about an alien invasion. If I have a conversation with an old friend, I wouldn't be saying "oh, remember that alien invasion before?". But now, my dreams have been about my daily life. There are even times where I dream about saying stuff to my sisters that I had planned on saying the day after the dream. Like last night. I watched something. Normally, since I watched it all alone, I'd be telling my sisters about it. But I just so happened to dream about doing so. I go saying "Hey, yesterday I watched this amazing show...*goes about the whole show*". And proceed doing normal stuff.

That's quite a problem for me 'cause I end up totally thinking that I've already told her. It has become part of my memories from reality. When I remember things that I should be doing or telling others, I would always think, "Wait, have I already told her? Or was that just a dream?" I always confirm with others if I've done so... Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if it really happened or it was just a dream.

It's probably because I haven't been going out much. I'm pretty much a hermit. I'm always at home, and got nothing new to see. But that was my choice. It's just that, it's been affecting my brain activity. -sigh- (this is quite difficult too, as I'm prone to false awakening).

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